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Key Takeaways

  • The problem with commercial baby formula is the ingredients
  • Butterfat is considered too “valuable” to put into commercial baby formula
  • The alternative option to commercial baby formula: raw milk-based homemade formula
  • Milk from mammals is similar to human breast milk
  • In the 1960s, doctors recommended formula instead of breastmilk
  • Now doctors and pediatricians say “breastmilk is best”
  • Homemade formulae may be helpful for those who struggle with breastfeeding or to produce enough milk for their babies
  • The mother’s diet is a major factor in the health of her breast milk
  • A meat-based formula for babies with allergies or sensitivities to dairy is best


Nutrition For Tots to Teens by Emory Thurston

Nourishing Traditions bySally Fallon Morell and Dr.Mary Enig – a cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and diet


Sally Fallon Morell (t:@sfallonmorell) is co-founder of The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF)

Hilda Labrada Gore aka Holistic Hilda (IG: @holistichilda and T: @holistichilda) host of the Wise Traditions podcast

Problems With Commercial Baby Formula

  • In the 1960s, baby formula was recommended over breast milk
  • But industry failed in their recipe – it used spray-dried skim milk instead of lactose and sugar or high fructose corn syrup
  • The ingredients included artificial vitamins and minerals
  • These commercial formulae got babies off on the wrong foot
  • The formula is not based on science but on the balance sheet:
    • Butterfat is too valuable to use in baby formula, there’s more profit in ice cream
    • Lactose is too expensive

Nutrition During the First Few Months of Life is Critical for Brain and Body Development

  • Studies discovered a mother’s milk has fat which is critical for neurological development, as well as gut and skin health
  • Commercial coompanies use algae called ARA – also known as the “diarrhea formula”

Is There a Better Option Than Commercial Formulae?

  • Yes, homemade formula based on raw milk from goats or cows
  • Milk from all mammals is similar

Breast Milk is Best

  • Now doctors and pediatricians say breast milk is best for babies
  • Sometimes though, babies aren’t thriving and start losing weight, supplementing with formula becomes necessary

Why Did You Try to Develop Your Own Recipe?

  • Sally’s second child stopped gaining weight when Sally was breastfeeding
  • She found a recipe in Nutrition For Tots to Teens by Emory Thurston based on raw milk
  • Sally and Dr.Mary Enig co-authored Nourishing Traditions with a chapter on breastmilk

Sally’s Recipe

  • Their recipe starts with whole raw cowmilk but adds on:
    • whey
    • lactose
    • Vitamin C
    • Omega 6 fatty acid
    • Gelatin – to make it more digestible
    • Yeast for B vitamins
  • Radiant Life offers a starter whole food kit to make formula
  • Some babies do better on this formula than actual breast milk- depending on the mother’s nutrition

Commercial Formulas Use the Cheapest Ingredients

  • The WIC (Women, Children, and Infants) program – gives the formula to needy mothers and companies bid on these government contracts – the lowest one gets the contract
  • “Commercial baby formula is junk” – Sally Fallon Morell
  • Consequences of poor nutrition in babies don’t always show up in first year of life

How was Soy Introducted to Commercial Formula?

  • Some babies don’t do well on dairy-based formula
  • Companies like Borden developed a meat-base formula – but it was expensive
  • In the 1970s soy-based formula came out with “tragic” results
    • Studies show girls had problems with menstruation and early breast development
  • Soy formulas also caused thyroid and digestive problems
  • American Academy of Pediatrics opposed soy formula until they got a $9 million donation from the soy industry for the AAP’s new headquarters
  • Suddenly they dropped their objections

Hardest Part of Making Your Own Formula

  • It’s not hard to make one – mix it once a day in the morning or the night before
  • The biggest challenge is getting the raw milk once you have the ingredients
  • Raw milk is widely available
  • Find sources on realmilk.com

Is Raw Milk Safe?

  • Raw milk’s safety is extremely controversial
  • Raw milk is supposed to be dangerous to give to babies, but breast milk is raw milk and there are pathogens in mothers milk as well
  • Babies will develop complete life-long immunity to whatever pathogens are in the milk
  • Sally has not heard of any babies on this raw milk formula getting foodborne illnesses related to raw milk
  • The pathogen – listeria – has never shown a recorded case from raw milk – raw cheese only
  • Benefits outweigh the risks
  • There have been many cases of foodborne illnesses from commercial powder
  • A 4-5 months old baby might do all right with just raw milk

What About Wet Nurses?

  • Aristocratic society had wet nurses – a wealthy person would find a woman whose child had just died to nurse their baby
  • Today there are wet banks – but you don’t know the quality of the milk

How to Tweak the Formula Recipes for Sensitive Babies?

  • Take out the gelatin or yeast, if your baby reacts to it
  • If there’s still a problem, use a meat-based formula

Other Info

  • Homemade formula is less expensive then commercial formula
  • Also, it’s getting easier to find raw milk
  • Commercial formulas are easier but not healthier
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