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Ben Greenfield: Mimicking Ancestral Living with Biohacking – Wise Traditions

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Key Takeaways

  • We all need more sunlight
    • At least get more near-infrared/infrared light (via something like an infrared sauna or a photobiomodulation panel)
  • There are a ton of benefits associated with just walking around barefoot in the grass
  • Drink more spring water
    • You can find a spring near you here
    • If you’re not close to a spring, try adding
      hydrogen tablets to your water
  • There are too many benefits of cold exposure not to throw it into your routine

Products Mentioned


Using Biohacking to Mimic Ancestral Living

  • Humans need a good amount of near- and far-infrared light from the sun (as well as UVA + UVB spectrum light from the sun) – but the problem is, most of us spend all day indoors
    • Biohacks:
      • To compromise, use a photobiomodulation panel (like those form Joovv) which emit near-infrared and red light that simulate the spectrum you’d get from the sun
      • You could also use an infrared-sauna (SaunaSpace or Clearlight are well-known brands)
      • To get more ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) light, you can use ReTimer Light Therapy Glasses or the Valkee Human Charger (it’s an in-ear light therapy device)
        • Both of these can be used to better regulate your circadian rhythm when you travel (in simple terms – using these devices mimics exposure to the sun)
    • Real-life hack:
      • Just get some damn sun
  • Our ancestors probably walked outside barefoot a TON, constantly exposing themselves to the frequencies emitted by Earth
  • Our ancestors probably drank a lot of spring water
  • People long ago were probably frequently exposed to changes in temperature
    • Bioahacks:
      • Using the sauna to mimic mid-day sun/heat exposure
      • Using cryotherapy for cold exposure

Supplements and Food

  • If you don’t have access to high-quality, pasture-raised beef liver, consider supplementing with desiccated liver capsules
    • For more on liver’s nutritional benefits, check out these Podcast Notes
  • Ben only takes a probiotic when he travels
    • When he’s home, he eats a ton of kimchi, sauerkraut, pickled ginger, and other fermented foods

Travel Biohacks

  • When you travel in an airplane, you’re exposed to a ton of radiation – how can you mitigate your exposure?
    • Keep the shutter closed on your airplane window 
    • Try not to use the plane’s Wi-Fi
  • Supplements which can help minimize the effects of radiation:
  • Cool Tech:
    • There are scalar energy devices which emit a frequency that seems to be protective against EMF radiation, which you’re exposed to while traveling
      • (like those from Blueshield – you can put them in your pocket or purse)
  • Other things Ben does while traveling:
    • He almost never eats on planes
    • If it’s a long-haul international flight – he’ll eat a small amount (like a handful of Macadamia nuts with beef jerky and spirulina/cholerella which are good for mitigating oxidative damage)
    • He supplements with ketone salts or a ketone ester (this HVMN ketone ester has high praise from the podcast community)
      • These can activate pathways that limit inflammation which can occur during travel

The End Game – Why does Ben do what he does?

  • To increase his healthspan and lifespan
    • “I just want to be around as long as I can to make the biggest impact on the planet”
  • BUT – he draws a line
    • He doesn’t fast as much as he probably should (he doesn’t enjoy it)

Ben’s Favorite Biohack

  • “Not a day goes by that I’m not doing some form of cold exposure”
    • There are a TON of benefits:
      • Increased nitrous oxide production
      • Increased heart rate variability and vagus nerve tone
      • Increased stress resilience
      • Conversion of white adipose tissue to brown fat
      • Decreased inflammation
    • Ben’s cold exposure routine consists of:
      • Ice baths
      • Hot/cold contrast showers (20 seconds of cold and 10 seconds hot for 10 rounds)
      • Using the cold pool behind his house
    • Cold exposure products:

Wrapping Up

  • Check out Ben’s new book coming out in January 2020 titled SuperHumanRx
    • Ben says it’s already 600 pages
  • Ben’s parting advice:
    • Get outside every day
    • Lay down in your backyard with your shirt off (or at least walk barefoot)
    • Drink pure, clean water from a spring (or use hydrogen water tablets + a structured water generator)
    • Get more near-infrared/infrared light (via something like an infrared sauna or a photobiomodulation panel)


  • Ben coaches about 10 people full-time (mostly business executives and high-level athletes)
  • Check out Ben’s Lifebook
    • For background, check out this podcast
    • “It’s kind of like me…in a book”
    • “It’s everything I stand for and everything I believe in”

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