Hilda Labrada Gore aka Holistic Hilda: Top 5 Health Hacks – Wise Traditions

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Key Takeaways

  • Be skeptical about health fads and what doctors tells us
    • Do your own research
  • Embrace real food, not processed food
    • Your body knows the difference
  • Cook once and use that base-meal several times to make nutritional eating easier
  • Sunrise beats screen-rise
    • Our bodies need sun exposure in the morning, not a phone check
    • Morning sun time is critical – it sets our circadian rhythm and revs up our mitochondria
  • Move more!

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Holistic Hilda’s Top Tips

1. Educate Yourself

  • Be skeptical – don’t take every piece of nutrition advice you hear at face value
  • Look for the money trail
    • Ask yourself – “Are they telling me this because they genuinely want to improve my healthy or because they have a special product they want me to buy?”
  • Trust your intuition
    • Pay attention to how your body reacts to certain foods
  • Always look for the most natural choices            
    • i.e. Make your own granola

2. Embrace Real Foods and Eliminate Processed Foods From Your Diet

  • “Even if the package says ‘natural flavoring and colorings,’ these can be concocted in a factory and our body doesn’t know what to do with them”
    • These flavorings and preservatives can poke holes in your gut leading to leaky gut
  • Consider meal prepping with foods that make it easier to eat healthier during the week
    • The goal is to cook less often but cook enough quantity so you have a meal-base that lasts for several nights
  • Don’t over complicate meals – “Simplicity is gourmet”
    • If you have a good cut of meat or farm fresh eggs, you don’t need to do a lot
    •  Fresh ingredients make flavorful dishes

3. Get More Sun Exposure

  • The sun energizes the mitochondria in our cells (the little engines that keep our body functioning properly)
    • Hilda eats her meals outside to get more sun exposure and vitamin D
  • Early morning sun exposure (in the first 30-45 minutes after you wake up) is ideal for circadian rhythm
    • Sunrise beats screen-rise!
      • Humans needs sun in the morning – not their smartphones
  • Hilda adds – “I used to be a night owl. Now I go to bed earlier.  My sleep is more efficient and more profound.”


  • Move more! – Our bodies were meant to
    • We fuel our bodies for a purpose – to move, not to sit inside all day
    • “Part of life is playing and enjoying and moving”

5. And most importantly….

  • If the listener could do to one thing to improve their health, what should they do?
    • Hilda recommends exploring the spiritual facet life
      • “We are comprised of mind, body, and spirit – there’s much more to us than meets the eye.”
      • On the importance of a spiritual practice:
        • You can do everything to make your body strong but if your spirit is flagging, you’re going to miss most of the joy that’s out there.”

Additional Notes

  • Don’t get overwhelmed!  
    • To start, just pick one of the five recommendations mentioned here to apply to your life
  • Slow change offers lasting change