Revolutionary Ideologies | The Balaji Series | Episode 4

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Key Takeaways

  • The New York Times is the leader of “The Great Awokening” happening now.
  • Christianity and Communism have similar themes.
  • Too much sovereignty, sympathy, or submission does not work. The sweet spot is in a decentralized center.


  • Episode 4 with the gentlemen @Breedlove_22 and @Balajis. In this episode, they chat about sovereignty, how history repeats itself, and the “Great Awokening”

Property Protection

  • Today to protect property, we need police and military, the state.
  • IF you don’t have that, mercenaries exist, and the price of security is expensive. Those mercenaries could be bought out – The libertarian dilemma.
  • Police and Military are dangerous professions, so there needs to be a higher cause for people to believe in
  • Balaji predicts American disunion in the next 10-20 years.
  • Patriotism subsidizes the cost of communized defense. Balaji thinks we are evolved for this.

Woke capital vs Communist Captial vs Crypto Capital Triangle

  • Commie Cap – You must submit. (CCP)
  • Woke Cap – The New York Times (NYT)- You must sympathize
    • Bow your head. The woke says bow your head cause you’re powerful. The ideology of submission. Same thing as the commie cap.
  • Crypto cap- You must be sovereign.
    •  Do everything yourself. Grow food. Own node. Own gun. Homeschool kid. Not submitting to the state.
  • Full submission, full lack of submission, or full sympathy does not work.
  • The Decentralized Center. A balance between sympathy, sovereignty, and submission. Should be a tradeoff. No extremes. These poles will try to pull people to the extremes.
  • People choosing to enter or exit a society is the ultimate vote.


  • Balaji definition –   How many people can veto you on what action? Eg., Building a shed in SF. Full sovereignty is no vetoes.
  • Breedlove – In a free market, consumers are sovereign. The ability to act as one sees fit. Uncoerced. 100% taxation is slave 0% is a sovereign.
  • A free market of sovereigns mitigates that single point of risk.
    • Eg. If it’s hard to build a shed in SF, go somewhere where it’s easy.

The Great Awakenings to The Great Awokening

  • Wokeness is an Abrahamic offshoot just like Communism. It’s about total equality.
  • After the Dark Ages, the Holy Roman Empire arose and brought about the oxymoronic “Christian King”
  • Martin Luther and Protestantism came next. Another Communistic or revolutionary ideology. The overthrow of the centralized church. Then Protestants eventually came and started their own empire in the form of the US. 
  • Deng Xiaoping fused communism with capitalism and nationalism in the late 70s.
  • Christian King, Communist Nationalist, Woke Capital all have similar themes

Ordering of Society

  • There needs to be mobility in hierarchies. If you’re doing a good job you rise. A bad job, you fall. If another party is gaining power, it needs to be recognized.
  • By 2030 we’ll see India rising as they have more access to technology and information.

The NYT Propaganda Machine

  • “The NYT is the first rewrite of history to airbrush  their  own wrongs out to bring out all of yours”
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