Patriotism and Stupidity | The Balaji Series | Episode 3

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Key Takeaways

  • COVID was a military defeat for the US.
  • Trust in authorities has diminished
  • Transhumanism and Anarcho-Primitivism may eventually be the next political axis.
  • People’s identities and patriotism obstruct them from seeing the whole picture.

What Happens When the US Military fails.

  • Covid was a military defeat for the US. Billions of dollars went in to Biodefense, yet nothing was done.
  • The perception of the military is constructed by Hollywood. Strong, virtuous, and winning.
  • The US attempted to do a Chinese-style lockdown, but the state failed.
  • The Left believes that the US govt is omnipotent domestically and the Right thinks the US military is omnipotent abroad. Both are way off.
  • Confidence in the US military is now much lower.
  • Decades without stress testing is exposing weakness in the military.

The Failing State

  • “Any society that can’t put together the level of trust, compliance or harmony to get mass adoption of a vaccine with short order is vulnerable to a biowarfare attack.” – Balaji
  • There’s no mutual trust in authorities.  It’s not about consent vs coercion.
  • Government is a business and it’s failing. People tend to deify the government making them blind to the fact that it’s a failing entity.
  • People’s identities are sacred to them. What are you a patriot towards or a customer of?

Transhumanism vs Anarcho-Primitivism

  • Transhumanists want to leave the planet, download consciousness, live forever, and transcend
  • Anarcho-Primitivists want to return to a non-civilized way of life. They see humans as killing the planet, too many screens, sedentary lifestyle, etc.
  • Balaji sees this as the eventual political axis of the world.
  • Transhumanism is “human reason embodied”. Technology is what makes us human and different from the apes.
  • Balaji is here to get to infinity. If math advances in the next 100 years, so will civilization.
  • The resolution between transhumanism and Anarcho-Primitivism may be robotic farming. Agricultural robotics.

Labor is Changing

  • The “Great Resignation” is going to catalyze the “Great Automation”
  • Printing fiat gave leverage to workers to strike and quit. There’s now a labor shortage and a goods shortage. 
  • The Berlin Wall was created to keep taxpayers in. Communism is a form of slavery. 100% taxation.
  • The abundance of labor means you don’t automate. Southern California has more migrant workers. Upper Midwest has more tech
  • “Only the most patriotic or stupid would keep their money in a jurisdiction that keeps increasing the tax rate.”
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