How to Have Better Virtual Meetings | Max Greenwald on Venture Stories with Erik Torenberg

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Key Takeaways

  • Max Greenwald believes some conversations are better virtually than in-person
    • E.g., Interviews, introductory meetings, team meetings, fundraising pitches
    • Virtual conversations benefit highly from having efficient and accessible information throughout the meeting
  • Companies are moving towards smaller and more decentralized headquarters to fit the hybrid work model (remote, in-person)
  • Many cool tools from companies like Zoom, Warmly, and help blend the benefits of in-person work onto a remote platform
    • For example, has a product that is a virtual ‘water cooler’ chat room for you and your colleagues to gather
  • “Warmly,” actually has a comma in its company title – their core value is to “add a comma” to make every project remarkable and unique. This shared and understood compassion is vital for company culture.
    • Based on the Purple Cow rule


  • Max Greenwald (@MaxPGreenwald) is the founder and CEO of Warmly, an insights extension tool for remote Zoom calls. Max and Erik discuss different tools, strategies, and results associated with the recent blending of remote and in-person work.
  • Host: Erik Torenberg (@eriktorenberg)

Max Greenwald – Warmly

  • Warmly – video extension that displays all notes and information about clients or colleagues you are speaking with on a sidebar during your Zoom call
    • Provides insights like job title, location, responsibilities, and other fun facts
    • Providing these insights can help establish rapport and create an efficient and effective conversation
  • Navigating startup ideas: “Don’t ask questions that lead to the answer you want to hear” – Max Greenwald

Remote Work

  • Some conversations are better virtually than in-person:
    • Interviews: Max believes having a digital interface during an interview helps provide more available and interactive background information that helps avoid redundant questions throughout the interview process
    • Introductory Meetings: Having more tools and accessible information during an introduction can help instill confidence and get to building a business relationship faster
    • Team Meetings: Conversation can be controlled as everyone can receive the opportunity for equal contribution. Also, they can be recorded for absent members or future use.
    • Fundraising Pitches: Creates more opportunity to fundraise, you can get out in front of more investors and hopefully get more contributions
  • Centralized headquarters might be a thing of the past with hybrid work models (remote & in-person)
    • Many companies have started having smaller decentralized HQs
    • This is more cost-efficient for hybrid models and still gives remote employees a regional location to maintain company culture and connection

Remote Tools

  • Zoom has created a video device to multiply interaction efficiency
    • A single receptionist can manage multiple office locations
    • Example of the blending of virtual and IRL (in-real-life)
  • is a product the creates a virtual office space with avatars
    • For example, there is a virtual ‘water cooler’ chat room for you and your colleagues to gather

Company Culture

  • “One of the most important things you can do as a founder is to think deeply about culture” – Max Greenwald
  • The Purple Cow – If you’re in a field of 100 cows and one is purple, which one do you want?
    • Without knowledge on if the meat tastes good or not, the uniqueness alone will make you pick the purple cow
    • “Warmly,” actually has a comma in its company title – their core value is to “add a comma” to make every project remarkable and unique. This initiative is their purple cow.
      • what is your “add a comma” concept for your company culture?
  • Inspired by Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable by Seth Godin

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