Raising Kids During Hyperbitcoinization

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Key Takeaways

  • The state decides what, with whom, when, and where to learn. It churns out people ready to comply and follow orders. 
  • Homeschooling does not involve a chalkboard. It involves children finding their natural curiosities and parents opening doors for them.
  • We are indoctrinated to think that free education is a right. It’s heresy to question the education system.
  • Schools have “an almost 100% strike rate at killing the love of learning”
  • Kids are natural-born philosophers and are always learning.

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State School

  • The state decides what, with whom, and when to learn. Memorization and obedience are rewarded more than creativity.
  • The state school system is remarkably similar to the system in communist Romania. It breeds nationalism. It churns out people ready to comply and follow orders. The number one reason for schooling is teaching obedience.
  • The teacher is an authoritarian figure. This influences how children interact with adults.
  • Schools steal 12-15 years of your life and that’s time on their balance sheet. Not yours. 

Effects on the Family Unit

  • Moms and their children cry when they are separated for school. Maybe because it’s unnatural?
  • School effectively works as a daycare for children while adults work, as the system designed
  • Women in the workplace and the equal pay initiative is the narrative governments use to get more tax revenue.

Homeschooling Tips

  • Prince suggests a fear-setting exercise. Write out all that can go wrong by taking your kid out of school and work to reverse that.
  • There are a growing number of communities to join like-minded families.
  • Children are learning machines. If they show interest in a subject, give them the tools or opportunities to explore it further
  • Find a project that everybody is equally invested in and pay attention to how each child reacts.
  • School from home is not homeschooling. You won’t need a blackboard. You leave their system.


  • Separating education and state led Prince to find Bitcoin which represents the separation of money and state.
  • Many famous entrepreneurs opted out of the system to go create what they wanted. Bitcoin enables people to find and create like-minded communities who left the legacy system.
  • To teach your children about Bitcoin Prince recommends Bitcoin for kiddos, and to remember your children are always watching and learning from what you are doing.
  • Success is defined by happiness and the time you get to call your own
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Notes By Paul Keating

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