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Tim’s Thoughts on Fear
  • For most of Tim’s life, his driving values have been security and a lack of vulnerability
  • “There are some values, that the more we obsess over them and fixate on them, the less we perceive we have them”
    • You put on a lens, through which you see constantly the transgressions, the slights, and the violations
    • “When you try to control everything, you end up in a position where you are dominated by fear, and can feel helpless”
Richard Branson
  • Richard’s new autobiography – Finding My Virginity
  • Richard’s first autobiography – Losing My Virginity: How I Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way
  • “Alcohol is borrowing happiness from tomorrow”
  • Does Richard have a favorite failure?
    • He was trying to break the record for fastest boat to cross the Atlantic Ocean
      • The first attempt, he sank the boat, the second attempt was a success
      • “Failing and then being successful is better than just being successful the first time around. It’s all about overcoming difficulties.”
      • The public loves underdogs
    • From trying to take on Coca Cola with Virgin Cola“If you’re trying to take on a goliath, you have to be different, and much better” – BE 100X BETTER NOT 2X BETTER
  • If he had a giant billboard, what would it say?
    • “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”
    • “If people try things, and stick their neck out, they’re going to have a lot more fun than sitting home and watching other people do it”
Maria Sharapova
  • When you open up an opportunity from rejection, you’re turning that “no” into something that brings you to a better place
  • Self-Talk
    • Maria has noticed that when she has an “I will” mentality, her game is much better compared to when she has an “I can’t” mentality
    • “No matter what rock is in the way, what storm is on the way, the water’s ultimately going to go down that river”
    • She envisions herself on this river, and as long as she has an “I will” mentality, shes going to do well
Vince Vaughn 
  • “Failure is not as bad as your mind makes it out to be. The fear is more crippling than the actual consequences.”
  • Break your fear into the smallest amount of possible steps, and conquer each one at a time
  • “How much of the fear is the woods that we created, compared to the actual path of the destination”
  • After rejection – if you feel down and take a week or so off, it’s really two weeks – a week of not getting better, and a week of getting worse
    • Look at it as a percentage game – the more you work on things you CAN control, your probability of rejection decreases
    • The sooner you can get back to doing things for your own growth, the chances of having what you want in life becomes greater
  • Micro failures develop a tolerance for rejection
Caroline Paul
  • One of the first female fire fighters in San Francisco
  • Author of Gutsy Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure which was a New York Times Bestseller
  • Putting fear behind your other emotions
    • Caroline has the ability to take fear, and suppress it, and let other emotions drive her decisions/actions
    • “People give fear too much priority” 
    • “Fear is just one of many things that are going on, how much weight are you going to give it?”
    • “Out of all the emotions you’re feeling, how much priority are you going to give fear? Put fear where it belongs”
  • “You can be scared, and that’s okay, but you still have to take action if necessary”
  • The Concept of Microbravery
    • Bravery is learned, and like anything learned it needs to be practiced, and we practice by starting small
    • Break your fears into smaller steps or start with the smallest fears
    • Fear feels a lot like excitement
    • We often mistake the fact that we’re not actually fearful, but rather we’re feeling a combination emotions (fear, excitement, exhilaration, anticipation, and curiosity)
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