The Tim Ferriss Show: 5 Things I Did to Become a Better Investor

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  • Checkout Tim’s Podcast Page
  • Don’t play games you aren’t prepared to research and win
  • How do you invest and win: Do you have an advantage?
    • Informational: You know something other people do not (Tim’s network in SF)
    • Analytics: Can crunch data, model markets, etc. better than others (Renaissance Capital)
    • Behavioral: Do you have certain skills/behaviors that help you avoid “Mr. Market” that human nature tends to lead to mistakes
      • Can you be “Greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy”? – Warren Buffett

Read Up on Various Approaches to Investing

  • Must Read Books: If you invest and are too lazy to do the research, you’ll “get your f*cking face ripped off” – Tim Ferriss
  • Pick an Area, a Timeline and Rules (criteria for investment – buying and Selling)_
    • Choosing a stock and buying is not it all, you haven’t made anything until you SELL and you need a plan for selling
  • Test Time: Paper Trade
    • Hypothetical portfolio to trade over time, but not actually use real money (takes time)
      • Look back over a couple years and see how you did
    • Angelist: If startup focused, place bets on Angel list (on Paper), see how many die/aquhire/succeed with larger rounds and new valuations (takes Time)
    • Back-Test: Look at Tech-Crunch Disrupt pitches and bet on 1-2 from a few years ago
      • Probably be able to tell which are ok, dying, etc. very quickly
    • Real World MBA: Read Tim’s Approach
      • Take 200k and spend it on startups over 2 years – assume you lose the cash, but the skills/relationships make up for the cost (just like an MBA)
        • Key: Assume you will LOSE IT ALL
      • How Tim started in 2007 – average hold time has been 7-10 years, so be in it for the long haul
      • Doing it for real is always better practice than a simulation
    • Regular Check-ins/{Practice
      • Don’t focus purely on financial metrics, many of which that look good could be making your miserable (you also want to be learning, expanding network, etc. etc.)
    • Finally: Find an approach that best fits your personality, resources, timing, etc.
      • Tim picks hyper-conservative approaches for 90% and 10% that are hyper aggressive
        • Nothing moderately conservative/aggressive
        • Likes to lock himself into investments rather than stocks that he can obsess on and adjust everyday

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