The Tim Ferriss Show: 5 Morning Routines for Winning the Day

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The 5 Habits: If you win the morning, you win the day (getting 3/5 is winning

  1. Make Your Bed: A small easy win to get the day going right and will help encourage accomplish more things
    • Enforces that little things in life matter
    • In a day with lots of uncertainty, it is important to control what you can control
    • If you work from home, even more important so create a more organized and not distracted environment the less stressed you will be
    • Sets you up to come at the end of the day to something you’ve accomplished
  2. Meditate:
    • 80% of top performers Tim speaks with meditate
      • Mediation can help you be more effective in the rest of the day
    • Where to start: Headspace or Calm apps, Tara Brach, Sam Harris – Waking up
      • Start with 5 days of 5-20 minutes to get a habit that is easy to accomplish/win
      • – Transcendental Meditation – focus on a mantra to repeat to white noise out other thoughts
        • Drawbacks: Is too costly, Too much guru worship
        • Goal is to practice bringing you attention back to the mantra as you inevitably get distracted (development muscle of concentration
  1. Hang: Decompress your spine and increase grip strength (Ido Portal), break up work sessions
  2. Tea:
  1. Journal:

What Tim is Reading: Joseph Campbell: The Way of the Animal Powers, The historical Atlas of World Mythology


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