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Key Takeaways

  • Support healthcare workers. They need our help now more than ever. Give them thanks. Buy them food. Do what you can. A little goes a long way.


  • Tim Ferriss (@tferriss) has been in quarantine with his girlfriend & dog for the past 4 weeks
  • “I expect next week [Tim recorded this episode on Friday, March 20th] to be an exceptionally difficult week for many people and many cities—NYC chief among them”Tim Ferriss

Thank Healthcare Workers

  • If you’re healthy and listening to this podcast (or reading these notes) you likely owe something to a healthcare worker
  • But the sad fact is: although healthcare workers are incredibly important, we ignore until we need them
  • If the United States wants to defeat COVID-19, we MUST protect the healthcare workers on the front line
  • Doctors, nurses, x-ray techs, physician assistants, cleaning staff—they’re all making incredible sacrifices right now

Healthcare Workers Need Temporary Housing

  • Why? So they can rest (instead of commute) and not be forced to go home and infect their families
  • Companies doing good work (Tim requests readers/listeners reach out and thank them/encourage them to do more):
    • Airbnb has been experimenting in Italy with offering temporary housing (hopefully they continue this in the U.S.)
    • Hilton Hotels is planning on doing similar

Healthcare Workers Need Food

  • Sweetgreen is delivering free meals to healthcare workers
  • Uber Eats has committed to provide 300k+ meals to healthcare workers and first responders, BUT it’s not clear how healthcare workers can take advantage of the offer
    • “So, Uber Eats, please make it clearer, on your Twitter account and elsewhere, how people can take advantage of this” – Tim Ferriss

How Amazon Can Help Healthcare Workers

  • Amazon can (and should) create gift cards restricted to protective equipment
    • One could then purchase a gift card and give it to their local hospital/emergency room

How you can help…

  • Tim plans to create a separate email list composed of people interested in organizing different types of help
    • Go here and add your email for updates
  • Paul Graham just donated to $1 MM to—a donation large enough to pay for almost all of the protective gear required by San Francisco’s front line healthcare workers
    • If your city is short on personal protective equipment, reach out to Ryan Peterson, the CEO of Flexport

The Ventilator Shortage

  • Many United States cities are likely to face ventilator shortages, just like Italy
    • While the U.S. is busy manufacturing ventilators, healthcare workers must be aware of the technique one can use for modifying a ventilator, enabling a single device to work on 2 (or 4) people—check out Tim’s blog post for more info

Wrapping Up

  • “We’re going to get through this … Right now, if you’re able, it’s the time to be a generous lifeguard, not a selfish drowning person” – Tim Ferriss
  • If you’re having trouble paying for food or bills, head to
  • EVERY small act goes a long way. Healthcare workers are being maxed out. Even a “thank you” can be incredibly meaningful.
  • We NEED our healthcare workers rested, adequately fed, and able to continue fighting. We ALL depend on them.

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