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Key Takeaways


Book Recommendations

  • The Fear Book: Facing Fear Once and for All by Cheri Huber
    • Neil is a huge fan of Cheri Huber because her books are meaningful and to the point (only about 150 pages)
    • If you’re having trouble facing your fears, Neil highly recommends this book
    • “The book walks you through the idea of how to embrace them and move beyond them”Neil Strauss
      • “It’s a great, demystifying, powerful book”
    • Quote from the book: “If you no longer believe what fear tells you, you will live and it will not”
  • Be the Person You Want to Find: Relationship and Self-Discovery by Cheri Huber
    • “The book is about you taking 100% responsibility for yourself all the time”Neil Strauss
      • “I love it, highly recommend it”
  • Facing Codependence: What It Is, Where It Comes from, How It Sabotages Our Lives by Pia Mellody
    • This book presents a model of trauma that has helped Neil understand his life
      • It can help you self-diagnose your trauma and abuse (emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse)
  • Facing Love Addiction: Giving Yourself the Power to Change the Way You Love by Pia Mellody
    • The book talks about the neediness and resentment pattern that occurs in most relationships
      • “It’s a powerful book…really read these multiple times and you’ll have an understanding of the matrix of how relationships work”Neil Strauss
  • Silently Seduced: When Parents Make Their Children Partners by Kenneth M. Adams
    • The book explains the concept and dangers of enmeshment, or when a child is meeting a parent’s needs
      • A parent with a lot of anxiety will try to control their child, a lonely parent will try to keep the child home more so that they have someone to talk to
    • Another way to call enmeshment is emotional incest: It’s when a child is used emotionally by the parent
    • “It’s a great book about it, it walks you through it, explains the cases, and gives you steps to break the pattern” – Neil Strauss
  • Under Saturn’s Shadow: The Wounding and Healing of Men by James Hollis
    • Neil has given away over 100 copies of this book
      • It’s a book about self-examination and making sure you’re not following preset tracks set by society
        • “So good, highly recommend it” – Neil Strauss
    • Neil loved this book so much that he hired the author to be his therapist (James is a Jungian psychoanalyst)
    • “It’s not the easiest book to make it through but it’s so dense with meaning, with historical examples, with amazing quotes” – Neil Strauss
  • The Eden Project: In Search of the Magical Other by James Hollis
    • Quotes from the book:
      • “Being in an intimate relationship is a bit like asking someone to join hands with us but only after walking across a field in which we had planted mines”
      • “The greatest gift to others is our own best selves”
    • “It’s so good” – Neil Strauss

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