#557: Q&A with Tim — Tools for Better Sleep, Musings on Parenting, The Different Roles of Fear, The Delight of Deepening Friendships, The Purpose of College, How to Boost Your Mood, HRV Training, and More | The Tim Ferriss Show

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  • Tim Ferriss (@tferriss) hosts another Q&A session on fascinating and innovative topics in health, life, learning, travel, and more. These Q&A sessions are awesome opportunities to discover new ideas and perspectives to dive deeper on – Explore, Learn, Act, Enjoy! (For informational purposes only)

Key Books Mentioned

  • Of Wolves and Men by Barry Lopez
    • Tim’s book of the year – one of the most fascinating non-fiction books he has ever read
  • How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life by Scott Adams
    • Don’t always have the ambition of achieving outward success; inward success can be more rewarding
    • If you’re starting a podcast (for example), don’t think ‘will it be worth listening to’, think ‘how can I make this worth doing, personally’
  • Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach
    • Tim’s recommendation on overcoming the fear-based cognitive biases that are lingering from the Covid Pandemic
  • How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie
    • Tim says every single person he’s recommended this book to has come away with a better ability to understand their anxiety and how to overcome it

Health Hacks

  • Favorite Breathing exercises?
  • Would you make any revisions to The 4-Hour Body?
    • Offer more information on the benefits of fasting:
      • Extended fasts – 3-day fasts once a month
      • Longer fasts – 7-10 day fasts once per year
  • Outside of psychedelics, what other physical experiences have influenced a positive shift in Tim’s life?
    • AcroYoga – great benefits to mobility, athleticism, and relationship building
    • Gymnastic Strength Training (GST) – see Tim’s episode with Coach Sommer
    • Incremental Happy Body Training – see The Happy Body with Aniela and Jerzy Gregorek
    • Swimming – Check out Tim’s TedTalk on how it has influenced his life
  • What fixed Tim’s plantar fasciitis?
    • Used a splint while sleeping to keep his toes dorsiflexed
    • Rolled out his feet and used percussive devices like a Theragun
    • Avoid crossing your legs when sitting in a chair, this creates more strain than you realize


  • What’s sleep recommendations from Andrew Huberman does Tim utilize?
    • Consumes enough fish oil to achieve an EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) level of 1 gram
    • Magnesium Threonate & Apigenin before sleep
    • Taking higher levels of B6 in the morning
    • Getting outside as soon as he wakes up (5-15minutes per day)
    • Delays caffeine intake for 60-90 minutes after waking up
  • How has having a sleep tracker improved Tim’s sleep?
    • Tracking sleep makes the self-denial of sleep issues very difficult
      • Tim found that two alcoholic drinks before bed dramatically impacts his deep sleep
    • Oura Ring – product Tim recommends for experimenting with sleep

Tim Ferriss & Life

  • What Advice does Tim have for getting started in podcasting?
  • What lessons does Tim want to ensure he teaches his hypothetical children that they won’t learn in school?
    • Optimism & resilience
      • Safeguarding kids from challenge and failure creates a very fragile society
      • Confidence is formed through competence
  • Has moving to Austin made Tim more reflective?
    • Tim attributes his reflectiveness more on moving away from San Francisco rather than moving to Austin
    • San Francisco is a monoculture and exists in an echo chamber; Austin has provided a nice opportunity for recalibration. Understanding which parts of himself are truly him, and which parts he simply absorbed by his past surroundings.
  • What are Tim’s long-term goals?
    • Tim doesn’t necessarily set long term goals, rather shorter-term experiments and projects
    • “The opportunities that I will have and the lenses I will gain through which I will look at the world and my life are things I can not predict in the onset” – Tim Ferriss
      • But two ongoing goals for Tim are starting a family and continuing to fund research in psychedelics
  • Will David Goggins ever be a guest on The Tim Ferriss Show?
    • Yes – but, considering how many podcasts David has been on, it would be tough to have a conversation on new topics
  • What’s Tim’s favorite wrestling movie?
    • Documentary on Dan Gable – Competitor Supreme
    • The first time Tim saw the documentary, he immediately watched it a second time

Learning Strategies

  • Do you still follow the DS3 method for learning from The 4-Hour Chef?
    • Yes, Tim still uses this methodology in many aspects of his life
      • Deconstruction – breaking down skills into smaller component skills
      • Selection – 80/20 analysis, find the 20% of material that provides you with 80% of performance
      • Sequencing – deciding what order to practice things in
      • Stakes – what are the consequences of not following through
  • Tips for maintaining learned languages?
    • Create a chain of languages – review prior languages as he learns a new language (a method known as laddering)
    • Read comic books – highly conversational, spoken language rather than written
    • Check out the language section in Tim’s blog for more
  • What principles of chess does Tim use outside of the game?
    • Learn the macro from the micro
      • For further depth on this topic, check out Podcast Notes on The Art of Learning, a philosophy by Josh Waitzkin
  • Favorite book from the past year?
    • Of Wolves and Men by Barry Lopez – one of the most fascinating non-fiction books Tim has ever read


  • What vacation destinations would Tim revisit?
    • Italy & Taiwan – both have amazing cultures and food
  • Has Tim ever spent time in the Scandinavian countries?
    • Spent time in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark – found all three of these countries very pleasant but they are all incredibly different even though they are close in proximity
    • Tim says he looked almost identical to 90% of the males in Denmark – they have big heads (half the reason Tim lifts is to make sure his head is at least semi-proportional to his body)


  • After dealing with the lingering psychological effects of the pandemic (heightened scarcity, mindset, risk aversion), how does one avoid the cognitive bias to lean on fear-based decision making?
  • How do you interrupt the pattern when you notice yourself slipping into a low point?
    • Exercise enough so that you are tired when you get into bed, get sunlight first thing in the morning, cut out alcohol, routine cold exposure
  • When mindfulness and gratitude don’t work, how do you slow down and enjoy life?
    • Read the blog post The Tail End by Tim Urban
      • Teaches you how to visualize the remaining time in your life and with your loved ones


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