The Tim Ferriss Show: 25 Great Things I Learned from Podcast Guests in 2015

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What Tim Learned/Recommends:

  1. [Nassim Taleb, @nntaleb] Avoid NeoMania: The obsession with what is new, rather than what is truly valuable
    • Wisdom that has sustained itself over time is far more valuable than what is simply novel
  2. [Matt Mullenweg, WordPress, Automattic] On Writing: Listen to a single music track on repeat when writing to keep focused (similar to a mantra for meditation)
    • Tim listens to Pendulum, Gramatik, and Electronica, but feel free to pick other genres like Jazz
  3. [Dominic D’Agostino, Ketone expert]
    • Ketone Diet Tips: Breakfast of canned sardines and oysters [Wild Planet Sardines packed in olive oil)
    • Synthetic Ketones for aerobic performance: Ketocana (by Patrick Arnold), also to help for fasting
    • Keto Ice Cream: 100 grams of fat
      1. 1-2 cups of sour/coconut cream (Strauss Creamery)
      2. 1 tablespoon of dark chocolate baking cocoa
      3. A pinch of salt
      4. A little Stevia
      5. Cinnamon
      6. 1 tablespoon of coconut oil drizzled over
      7. Optional: blue berries
      8. Heavy cream as a topping
  4. [Jocko Willink (@jockowillink) ) “Discipline is Freedom” – Use positive constraints to create discipline in your life (e.g. scheduling commitments that force focus)
  5. [Dr. Dan Engle) Ibogain, micro-dosing and Ayahuasca:
    • Flotation tanks (2 hours at least 2x per week, 2 hours is worth more than 2, 1-hour sessions) = mental stability/calmness
    • Micro-dosing with ibogain (1/400th of a psychedelic dose) 1x/4 days for anti-anxiety
  6. [Wim Hoff,  @IceMan)
    • Breathing: Strong inhale, moderate exhale breathing technique each morning has replaced caffeine
    • Extended ice baths: 20 lbs of ice in a bath tub for 5-15 minutes
      1. Usually in evening
      2. Read book for 5-10 minutes with ice up to/below nipples
      3. Slink down fully into water for last 3-5 minutes, but keep head and hands OUT
      4. Sometimes alternative with hot/cold/hot/etc.
    • NEVER combine Wim’s breathing techniques with water, extremely dangerous and Wim almost died recently as a result
  7. [Robert Rodriguez, @rodriguez) Journaling:
    • 5 min. journal in the morning and check-in at night
    • Failure is not durable”; “The things that will get you fired when you are starting out, are the things that they give you lifetime achievement awards for when you get older” – Francis Ford Coppola via The Director’s Chair
  8. [Tara Brach, @tarabrach]
    • Invite Mara to Tea: Recognize anger/negative emotions, acknowledge them instead of trying to push them away
    • Try reading Radical Acceptance to help deal with anger
  9. [Rick Rubin] Transcendental Meditation: Tim likes it, not a fan of the high cost and guru worship components – but still worth it if you can afford it
  10. [Laird Hamilton] Chaga Mushroom (superfood) and Natural Born Heroes
  11. [Gabby Reese] Practice Going First: Don’t wait for other people to smile/say hello to you, go first and be proactive in improving other people’s states (the little things are the big things)
  12. [Stanley McCrystal] Skipping Breakfast, but maybe still having some Titanium Tea (Pu-Er tea + Ginger + Turmeric + coconut oil)
  13. [Byran Johnson, Braintree founder] On New Years Resolutions: Think about what could you do that would be remembered in 200-400 hundred years?
  14. [Rhonda Patrick, @foundmyfitness] Heat Treatment to trigger heat shock proteins and improve performance (her blog post)
  15. [Samy Kankar] Hacking Dating/Tinder to determine your best photos using MyBestFace tool on OK Cupid
  16. [Derek Sivers, CDBaby] Decision Making: Viewing your decisions as either “Hell Yeah” or “No” (anything that isn’t a “hell yeah”, should be a “no”)
    • In general, “If you say you’re busy, you’re out of control”
  17. [Alex Blumberg, Gimlet Media Podcasts]:
    • When telling a story, look for authentic moments of emotion: A sequence of actions that culminate in something
    • The wording your question is critical to getting a good story:
      1. “Tell me about a time when…”
      2. “Tell me the story of…”
      3. “Describe a conversation when…”
      4. “What were the steps that got you to ____”
  18. [Marc Goodman] Put Electrical Tape on inside of hotel peepholes, it is very easy to put a camera up to the hole and record you (cover your laptop camera too)
  19. [Tony Robbins] The Dickens Process: You can’t just look at the rewards of action to evaluate what to do, you have to look at the costs of inaction
    • Look at eliminating your top 2-3 beliefs/behaviors and what those have cost you in the past, the present and what they will cost you in the next 3-5 years
  20. [Neil Strauss, The Game] Interviewing: Open up and be vulnerable to a person you will be interviewing, volunteering something personal about yourself and they will be much more open during the interview
  21. [Kelly Starett] ChiliPad: Extremely thin sheet with precise cool water running through it to perfect temperature on your bed
    • Can have a HUGE impact on your quality of life
  22. [John Favreau] “In terms of comedy, don’t aim for funny, aim for truth
  23. [Naval Ravikant] Read Sapiens: How Homo-sapiens took over the world 
  24. [Jamie Fox] “What is on the other side of fear? Nothing
  25. [BJ Novak] Looking Back at the Past Year:
    • What did you do right/wrong/etc.
    • If you find yourself saying “but I’m making so much money…” that is a warning sign you are probably not in a great place
    • Time is non-renewable, money can always be made


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