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AMA #26: Continuous Glucose Monitors, Zone 2 Training, And A Framework For Interventions| The Drive with Peter Attia #173

Key Takeaways

  • When considering interventions, ask: what is the risk of harm? If you do X what is the probability of benefit? What is the opportunity cost?
  • The benefit of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) for people without diabetes is really is the insight it provides and the behavior change it can spark
  • The value of the first 90 days with CGM is mostly insight and raising awareness without changing behavior – then it flips


In this special episode of The Drive, Peter Attia sits down with Head of Research at Attia Medical, PC Bob Kaplan (@bobkaplan) to discuss continuous glucose monitors, getting the most from zone 2 training, and foundational framework when considering interventions. Note, this is only a preview. The full episode is only available to subscribers.

Host: Peter Attia (@PeterAttiaMD)

Framework For Interventions

  • Ask: what is the risk of harm? If you do X what is the probability of benefit? What is the opportunity cost?
  • Phase 1 studies assess harm and rarely anything else because the sample size is small
  • Phase 2 studies assess the efficacy
  • Phase 3 trials double down on efficacy and opportunity cost
  • The easiest interventions to do are pharmaceutical

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

  • We don’t have enough Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) data to say CGM use is beneficial in people who are not diabetic
  • Cons of CGM use: low risk of harm but can induce anxiety in some (e.g., people with eating disorders)
  • Pros of CGM use: teaches you about carbohydrate tolerance, provides an opportunity for real-time changes
  • Opportunity cost: they are expensive if you are not diabetic
  • You can gain a lot of insight using them intermittently 

First 90 days with CGM: 90% insight without behavior change, 10% behavior change – then it flips

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