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Fighting, Fitness, Binary Decision Making. The Path of Discipline Leads to Freedom | Jocko Podcast #260

Jocko analyzes his book with Echo for deeper insights such as the effects of stress, proper self-defense, and decision making....

peter attia paul grewal covid-19

AMA #18: Deep Dive: Sugar And Sugar Substitutes | The Drive with Peter Attia #141

In this special episode of The Drive, Peter Attia sits down with Head of Research at Attia Medical, PC Bob Kaplan, to take a deep dive into...

Ask Mark Q&A #6: Natural vs. Artificial Sugars, Caffeine, Preparing For Pregnancy, And More| Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman, MD

In this episode, Dr. Mark Hyman holds a live Q&A and answers listener questions about types of sugar, caffeine, preparing for pregnancy,...

mind pump strength training

The Best of Mind Pump | Advice on Diet, Exercise, Fasting, & Supplements

This is a compilation post featuring the top takeaways from the "Mind Pump" podcast related to diet, exercise, supplements, and...

mind pump male fitness myths

The Dangers of Eating Too Much Sugar | Mind Pump

"Treat sugar like beer. Have it sparingly but remember it isn't healthy." The Mind Pump team litigates the case against sugar & gives...

alzheimers disease

Dr. Will Cole: How to Lower Inflammation – The Genius Life with Max Lugavere

Dr. Will Cole is leading functional-medicine expert who specializes in the underlying factors of chronic disease. He's the author of "The...

The Peter Attia Drive – Robert Lustig, M.D., M.S.L. on Fructose, Processed Food, NAFLD, and Changing the Food System

Another doozy from Dr. Peter Attia. This time - all things...

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