planB pomp bitcoin

Bitcoin Could Go To $5 Million | PlanB on The Pomp Podcast

Over the past years, PlanB bitcoin price models have been spot on. He joins Pomp to discuss all things...

Bitcoin Phase 5 PlanB Jeff Booth Preston Pysh Peter McCormack

Bitcoin Has Entered Phase 5 with PlanB, Jeff Booth & Preston Pysh | What Bitcoin Did Podcast

Summary of the conversation between Jeff Booth, PlanB, Preston Pysh, and Peter McCormack. They discuss how Bitcoin S2F is entering phase...


Bitcoin S2FX, S2F, and Evolution from Collectible to Financial Asset |PlanB & Saifedean Ammous on the Stephan Livera Podcast

Summary of the conversation of Saifedean, PlanB, and Stephan Livera. Topics covered include Bitcoin S2FX, criticisms, Phase Transitions,...

PlanB - Peter McCormack - Bitcoin

Could Bitcoin Really be Heading to $288K? | PlanB on The What Bitcoin Did Podcast

PlanB joins Peter McCormack to talk about his new cross asset model, Bitcoin phase shifts and how narratives evolved over time. The model...

PlanB Bitcoin s2f

Bitcoin’s Stock to Flow Model Is Becoming More Accurate | PlanB on The Pomp Podcast

The discovery of Bitcoin, the S2F model, bitcoin institutional investing, and why PlanB believes the S2F model is actually getting more...

Pierre Rochard & Saifedean Ammous stephen livera

Bitcoin as a Savings Technology – Pierre Rochard & Saifedean Ammous on the Stephan Livera Podcast

The ability to save outside of anyone's control is missing in our economy. This is a summary of Stepha Livera's interview with Pierre...

planb invstor's podcast bitcoin

PlanB on Bitcoin Math & Value – The Investor’s Podcast, Hosted By Preston Pysh and Stig T. Brodersen

Summary of Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen's interview with "PlanB," an anonymous quant known for his an anonymous quant known for his...

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