jeff morris jr. kyle tibbits paradox podcast

Investing in a Post-COVID-19 Future | Jeff Morris Jr. on the Paradox Podcast, Hosted By Kyle Tibbitts

Jeff Morris, Jr. joins Kyle Tibbitts to discuss how COVID-19 will shape the startup landscape, product lessons learned from his Tinder...

mark cuban business casual covid-19

COVID-19: Advice for Entrepreneurs | Mark Cuban on Business Casual, Hosted By Kinsey Grant

Mark Cuban joins Kinsey Grant to discuss all things COVID-19: advice for entrepreneurs & small business owners, thoughts on a stimulus plan...

seth godin aubrey marcus podcast

How to Make Money with Purpose | Seth Godin and Erick Godsey on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Seth Godin & Erick Godsey join Aubrey Marcus to discuss freelancing, why learning to act in fear's presence is essential to success, why...

reid hoffman starting greatness mike maples

The Network Philosopher King | Reid Hoffman on Starting Greatness with Mike Maples, Jr.

Reid Hoffman is the co-founder of LinkedIn. Need we say more? He's a certified startup wizard. In this chat with Mike Maples, he discusses...

sahil lavingia creative below the line james beshara

How to Monetize Creativity and Solo-Preneurship – Sahil Lavingia on Below the Line, Hosted By James Beshara

Sahil Lavingia is the founder & CEO of Gumroad. In this chat with James Beshara, he discusses how ANYONE can make a living doing what they...

mike maples startups

Startup Mental Models, Characteristics of Great Entrepreneurs, and Living in the Future – Mike Maples, Jr. on The Knowledge Project, Hosted By Shane Parrish

As a VC at Floodgate, Mike Maples. Jr. knows what it takes to form a great startup. In his conversation with Shane, Mike discusses why...

ben horowitz

Traits of Great Entrepreneurs, Kimchi Problems, and Optimizing Company Culture – Ben Horowitz on The Moment with Brian Koppelman

Great entrepreneurs believe in calculus, not statistics. They don't care what the odds are; they know they'll find a way. This advice comes...

james altucher modern wisdom

Treat Your Life As An Experiment – James Altucher on the Modern Wisdom Podcast (Part II)

Summary of Chris Williamson's part II interview with James Altucher, host of "The James Altucher...

sam altman startup

How to Start a Startup: Part II (Teams and Execution) – A Lecture By Sam Altman

Summary of Sam Altman startup series lecture at Stanford University, in which he discusses the importance of a startup's team and how they...

real marketing real fast

How to Do Marketing Like a LEGEND: Christopher Lochhead on the Real Marketing Real Fast Podcast, Hosted By Doug Morneau

Summary of Doug Morneau's interview with Chris Lochhead, bestelling author of "Niche Down" and "Play...

keith rabois

Startup Lessons from Peter Thiel and Jack Dorsey – Keith Rabois on Starting Greatness with Mike Maples, Jr.

Summary of Mike Maples' interview with Keith Rabois, General Partner at Founders Fund and co-founder of...

sam altman startup

How to Start a Startup: Part I (Idea and Product) – A Lecture By Sam Altman and Dustin Moskovitz

Summary of Sam Altman and Dustin Moskovitz's startup series lecture at Stanford...

reid hoffman starting greatness mike maples

Silicon Valley Memes, Talent Identification, Science Fiction, Board Games, and More – Reid Hoffman on Conversations with Tyler, Hosted By Tyler Cowen

Summary of Tyler Cowen's interview with Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of...

naval ravikant

Finding Time to Invest in Yourself – A Conversation Between Naval Ravikant & Babk Nivi on The Naval Podcast

Summary of a bonus conversation between Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi from Naval's "How to Get Rich" podcast...

reid hoffman starting greatness mike maples

How to Be a Great Founder: A Lecture By Reid Hoffman

Summary of Reid Hoffman's "How to Be a Great Founder" lecture given at Stanford University as part of their "How to Start a Startup"...

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