Chamath Palihapitiya

Chamath Palihapitiya on How to Invest Through This Crisis | The Pomp Podcast

How to invest through this crisis, solve the structural issues in health and economics, why being a patient investor will pay off, and...

Saifedean Ammous

Time Preference: The most Important Economics Lesson | Saifedean Ammous on OnceBITten

Saifedean Ammous is a Bitcoin economist and author of the Bitcoin Standard. He talks about why Time preference is the most important...

PlanB Bitcoin s2f

Bitcoin’s Stock to Flow Model Is Becoming More Accurate | PlanB on The Pomp Podcast

The discovery of Bitcoin, the S2F model, bitcoin institutional investing, and why PlanB believes the S2F model is actually getting more...

Caitlin Long

Coronavirus: The Pin that Popped the Credit Bubble | Caitlin Long on The Pomp Podcast

Caitlin joins Pomp to talk about the economy, her thoughts on monetary stimulus and government bailouts, Bitcoin, and how to come out...

Raoul Pal on Off The Chain

Raoul Pal Calls for a Potential Depression | Off the Chain with Anthony Pompliano

Raoul Pal is the CEO of Real Vision, he discusses why the economy could be headed for a depression instead of a...

Marty Bent

Bitcoin & The Mirage of Central Banking | Marty Bent on Off the Chain with Anthony Pompliano

Marty Bent is the host of Tales from the Crypt Podcast, he joins Anthony to talk about bitcoin, mirage of central banking, the economy, and...

Andreas Antonopoulos

WHY WE NEED BITCOIN | Andreas Antonopoulos with Peter McCormack on What Bitcoin Did Podcast

Andreas Antonopoulos talks about why we need Bitcoin, the war on cash and the...

Caitlin Long investor's podcast

Bitcoin: Law & Legal Implications – Caitlin Long on The Investor’s Podcast, Hosted By Preston Pysh

Caitlin Long is a Bitcoin legal expert and Wall Street veteran. In this summary from her appearance on The Investor's Podcast, she...

Bitcoin Core and Protocol Developments – Pieter Wuille on The Chaincode Podcast (Part I)

This one gets technical, but if you're a HODLr, it's for you. Pieter Wuille has been a Bitcoin protocol developer and contributor to...

Meltem Demirors off the chain

Bitcoin, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and How Crypto Impacts the Financial Industry – Meltem Demirors on Off the Chain, Hosted By Anthony Pompliano

“We need to differentiate between Bitcoin and everything else … Bitcoin is unique; there is no other Bitcoin.” Meltem Demirors is the...

Pierre Rochard & Saifedean Ammous stephen livera

Bitcoin as a Savings Technology – Pierre Rochard & Saifedean Ammous on the Stephan Livera Podcast

The ability to save outside of anyone's control is missing in our economy. This is a summary of Stepha Livera's interview with Pierre...

Joe Rogan & Andreas Antonopoulos

Bitcoin as the Internet of Money – Andreas Antonopoulos on The Joe Rogan Experience #844

Andreas Antonopoulos is probably the most famous Bitcoin-advocate. This is a summary of his third appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience in...

Jack Dorsey Elizabeth Stark stephan livera

Bitcoin: The Native Currency Of The Internet – Jack Dorsey & Elizabeth Stark on the Stephan Livera Podcast

Summary of Stephan Livera's interview with Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, and Elizabeth Stark, CEO of Lightning...

planb invstor's podcast bitcoin

PlanB on Bitcoin Math & Value – The Investor’s Podcast, Hosted By Preston Pysh and Stig T. Brodersen

Summary of Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen's interview with "PlanB," an anonymous quant known for his an anonymous quant known for his...

reid hoffman starting greatness mike maples

Silicon Valley Memes, Talent Identification, Science Fiction, Board Games, and More – Reid Hoffman on Conversations with Tyler, Hosted By Tyler Cowen

Summary of Tyler Cowen's interview with Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of...

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