The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes – The Secret to Happiness

Key Takeaways

  • Happiness is a choice, and it starts with YOU


  • Everyone wants happiness, but most people don’t know what happiness really is
  • This is a compilation episode, with clips about happiness from some of Lewis’ past guests

Here’s what Marisa Peer (@MarisaPeer) had to say

  • “There is no destination called happiness. Happiness is the journey.”
  • You have to choose to be happy now, because happiness is not something that you’ll “eventually arrive at”
  • Happiness is a choice
  • “Choose to be happy in adversity, rather than believing that when there’s no adversity, then you’ll be happy” – There will ALWAYS be adversity and stress in your life
  • “You cannot go to happiness, you have to be happy now”

Susan David (@SusanDavid_PhD)

  • “Happiness cannot be a goal”
  • But we live in a society that tells us that we should pursue and chase happiness
    • Research shows that when people pursue happiness as a goal, they actually become less happy over time
  • “Happiness comes from not chasing positive emotions”
    • It comes from being willing to experience whatever emotion you’re feeling – whether sadness or anything else – and not wishing it away

James Clear (@JamesClear)

  • “Happiness is just the absence of desire”
    • By craving one state, you are more likely to not be enjoying your current state
    • “Happiness is just not wanting something. It’s like observing your life, without craving a change in it.”

Rachel Hollis (@msrachelhollis)

  • “Happiness isn’t dependent on outside influence. Happiness is something that you create for yourself.”
  • Happiness is up to YOU

Rich Roll (@richroll)

  • Many people think that happiness can be achieved through the external – accomplishments, relationships, finances, and career
    • “But the ability to be happy resides within YOU”
    • It’s about the relationship you have with yourself

Shaun T (@ShaunT)

  • “Happiness is not connected to material things in any way, shape, or form”
  • Happiness is connected to interpersonal relationships, and it starts with the relationship you have with yourself
    • If you have a great relationship with yourself, you can have a great relationship with other people – this leads to happiness
  • “If you DO things that make you feel great about who you are, then happiness is going to happen”

Trent Shelton (@TrentShelton)

  • “As long as you’re dependent on someone else to give you happiness, then you’re bound to be unhappy”
  • Happiness is inside of you, it’s not something that you go look for

Brook Ence (@brookeence)

  • “Happiness all starts with how you think about yourself”
    • Live your best life – that’s a good start
    • Talk to yourself, like you would talk to your best friend
  • But it’s okay to derive happiness from external objects – it just shouldn’t solely be where your happiness comes from
    • Really examine why that object makes you happy – if that new car you bought is nice, but your sole reason for buying it was to impress others, it won’t make you happy
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