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Russel Brand (@rustyrockets) a man of many things.His global bestselling books include Revolution, Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions, and his latest release, Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped. His podcast, Under The Skin, is available exclusively on Luminary.

Unless otherwise noted, the below quotes are from Russel.

Key Takeaways

  • “We don’t forgive anybody, we just overcome the person we were that held the grudge”
  • “That’s the malaise that sits at the very center of everything that ails us as a culture socially and politically, this attachment to identity” – Rich
  • “If I can bring anything to this world… it’s to preach that none of us are ever going to be fulfilled by trying to augment our identities through acquiring material possessions or status”
  • “If you’re authentic and true to yourself, everything else takes care of itself”
  • “All things that happen on the material plane are a reflection of subtle energies taking place in the consciousness and being of individuals”
  • A monologue from Rich you probably just need to listen to (at 57:53)…
    • “We’re so disconnected from who we are. When your priority is the pursuit of individual grandeur, material accumulation, and status at the forsaking of community, intimacy, and connection, you become almost disassociated with the idea that you’ve gone astray. That signal isn’t even connecting…. Most people are experiencing a low-grade version of this that they can ride out their entire lives without ever having to confront it because they’re too busy scrolling and watching Netflix or doing whatever, thinking about their next promotion or the next car they’re going to lease.”
  • “We need more awe and wonder… We believe that we’re capable of knowing everything and that everything can be reduced to an algorithm or a physical law, but my experience defies that.” – Rich
    • “We don’t know what we don’t know… The limits of the instrument to receive information are not the limits of the information. If space is infinite – knowledge is infinite, wisdom is infinite, and beingness itself is infinite.” – Russel
  • “We’ve been told that freedom is freedom to pursue our desires, but true freedom is freedom from our desires” 
  • “My relationship with other people is an opportunity to be of service. It’s not an opportunity to be served.”
  • “We’re in an epidemic right now of being so calcified around our ideas because they threaten our identity” – Rich
  • “You can’t cure hate with more hate, it’s always got to be love”
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