Elysium Basis

We recommend Elysium’s Basis based on science & safety.  And we believe it’s worth paying a premium for what you can trust. The only NR brand who invests in gold standard research Scientific proof that NR is the most efficient NAD+ precursor Safe & wholly controlled supply chain means you aren’t getting snake oil or...

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Organic CBD Oil

WHY IT MATTERS & WHO’S TALKING ABOUT IT: CBD is all the rage (and it should be). Dr. Matthew Walker, a world-renowned sleep expert, has discussed numerous times how CBD decreases anxiety and reduces the amount of time it takes one to fall asleep. WHY WE LOVE IT: I’ve been loving the high quality (organic) CBD...

Organic CBD

Bluelight Blocking Glasses

WHY IT MATTERS & WHO’S TALKING ABOUT IT: Phones, laptops, tvs, LED lights… They can’t be avoided and we are only beginning to understand how much they damage our eyes and circadian rhythms. High quality blue light blocking glasses that we trust. Protect your eyes, protect your sleep. WHY WE LOVE IT: We’ve tested 3 different brands &...

Bluelight Blocking Glasses


If you follow Tim Ferriss, Eric Weinstein, Luke Storey, or Ben Greenfield you know all about the OOLER/chilliPAD. It’s a thin mattress topper, placed below your sheets, that circulates water at a temperature of your choosing (from 55° to 110° F). As Dr. Matthew Walker discussed in his groundbreaking podcast with Joe Rogan, for you to...


The Naval Collection

Our Collection of Naval’s legendary book lists accumulated over a multitude of podcasts. We’ve partnered with Bookshop.org, an online bookstore that financially supports local independent bookstores and gives back to the book community (US Only)....

Naval Collection

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