When you take care of yourself, you’re giving the best gift of all to your loved ones. Over 600 episodes noted this year. We heard more than 2500 recommendations. We’ve tested. We’ve researched. And, these are the very best. 5 categories. 13 ideas. Hella good deals.

Give the Gift of Sleep

  • WHY IT MATTERS & WHO’S TALKING ABOUT IT: If you follow Tim Ferriss, Luke Storey, or Ben Greenfield you know all about the chilliPAD. It’s a thin mattress topper, placed below your sheets, that circulates water at a temperature of your choosing (from 55° to 110° F). As Dr. Matthew Walker discussed in his groundbreaking podcast with Joe Rogan, for you to fall asleep and stay asleep, your body has to drop its core temperature 2-3 °F. What better way to make this happen than with a chiliPAD? Win the night and maybe save your marriage with the dual zone option.
  • WHY WE LOVE IT: TMI but I’m a night-sweater and this thing WORKS.  I set it to get warm when I get into bed and then drop it low as I fall alseep.  Plus unlike electric blankets this is low/no EMF, won’t catch on fire (it’s water powered), and it’s not scratchy because it goes UNDER the sheet. Run–Don’t walk to a better night’s sleep.

  • WHY IT MATTERS & WHO’S TALKING ABOUT IT: What gets measured gets managed. The only sleep tracker that meets Peter Attia’s rigorous standards. The is the perfect tool for helping you optimize your sleep habits. If you or a loved one is having trouble prioritizing sleep, the Oura Ring is the perfect solution.
  • WHY WE LOVE IT: It’s dead simple use and gives you easily digestible REM sleep, deep sleep, sleep latency, body temperature, and heart rate data (and more!). Not to mention, you can easily see how each changes over time with their “trends” feature. Want to see true value of avoiding screens/using blue light blocking glasses – check, see the effect of those 3 beers last night – check. 
  • Give this Twitter thread a read more details
  • WHY IT MATTERS & WHO’S TALKING ABOUT IT: Phones, laptops, tvs, LED lights… They can’t be avoided and we are only beginning to understand how much they damage our eyes and circadian rhythms. High quality blue light blocking glasses that we trust. Protect your eyes, protect your sleep.  
  • WHY WE LOVE IT: We’ve tested 3 different brands & several sets from True Dark. So far I’m using the Twilights to avoid blue/green light at night and sleep totals and quality are much improved (thanks Oura!).. Once you start using them, screens lights (even with dark-mode, etc.) are too harsh without them. After wearing a quality pair for 30-60 minutes your eyes adjust and even pale lights look blue. Going to start using yellow ones for night driving, LED headlight are brutal. Blocking the right part of the spectrum is essential, TrueDark does it right and quality checks every pair. Don’t buy cheap junk from China on Amazon.

Give the Gift of Longevity

  • WHY IT MATTERS & WHO’S TALKING ABOUT IT: The word “Sauna” and Dr. Rhonda Patrick go hand-in-hand. Rhonda has found data that saunas can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease, excrete heavy metals and just make you feel good. If you’re not using the sauna, start. You can’t afford not to.
  • WHY WE LOVE IT: After exhaustive research we are sold on the value infrared saunas, if they are well built. We don’t trust those cut rate saunas available on Amazon. They don’t REALLY meet the low radiation and low VOC standards they claim to.  But, you can trust Radiant Health Saunas rigorous, consistent testing and standards because they’ve worked hard to ensure a transparent supply chain. Our experience with Radiant Health’s EH2 Model: More sweat, less discomfort vs traditional saunas. Give it time to get to temp. We max out at 130- 145F for 20-25 minutes. These guys are old school, based in Canada, gotta call them to make an order, no black box ordering online. 
  • WHY IT MATTERS & WHO’S TALKING ABOUT IT: AJAC, Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes is a true fitness expert, and modern day philosopher. His programs are comprehensive and proven effective. Want to live longer, start by UnFatting yourself and getting fit with his Longevity guide. There is a TON in here, but it includes 3 illusions of older lifters, avoiding injury, training with intensity as you age, 2-6 days a week programs and much more.
  • WHY WE LOVE IT: Some dads can’t keep up with their kids, I plan to outrun my grand children. At 36, I’m focused on growing a base of strength/mobility and not re-injuring my left hamstring. This is exactly the thoughtful & thorough guide that I need. Too much noise online, simply no way I could have cobbled together a plan myself.

Give the Gift of Mental Health

  • WHY IT MATTERS & WHO’S TALKING ABOUT IT: CBD is all the rage (and it should be). Dr. Matthew Walker, a world-renowned sleep expert, has discussed numerous times how CBD decreases anxiety and reduces the amount of time it takes one to fall asleep.
  • WHY WE LOVE IT: I’ve been loving the high quality (organic) CBD from Sabaidee for months now. It helps me turn off my monkey mind and get to sleep when I have too many ideas floating around in my head. 2-3 droppers under the tongue of regular or 1 of the Super Good Vibes CBD. Plus, unlike other no-name brands you might buy on Amazon, Sabaidee is transparent with every lot they test for quality & purity.
  • WHY IT MATTERS & WHO’S TALKING ABOUT IT: Tim Ferriss, Peter Attia, Kevin Rose, you name it, they all have a regular journaling practices. You & your loved ones should too. It helps bring clarity and productivity–especially if you start the day with it.
  • WHY WE LOVE IT: KARST Stone Journals. These are made from actual stone and make Moleskin look and feel cheap. Smoother texture, stronger paper, even waterproof and no trees are hurt. Picking up a consistent journaling practice will change your life. It’s that powerful. And this notebook will make you love analog again. 

Give the Gift of Fitness

  • WHY IT MATTERS & WHO’S TALKING ABOUT IT: Ben Greenfield sets aside 10-15 minutes every morning while his coffee’s brewing to foam roll any sore muscles. If you’re trying to stay supple, foam rolling is a MUST. But wait there’s more! Kelly Starrett and Amelia Boone both recommend foam rolling right before bed. The RumbleRoller is perfect for this. Roll out your quads 10-15 minutes before hitting the hay and you’ll be out like a light. Why does this work? It activates the parasympathetic nervous system; this is what relaxes us.
  • WHY WE LOVE IT:  If you’re like me, your muscular tightness is beyond what a conventional foam roller can cure (specifically in the quad muscles); they just don’t do the job! You need the advanced shape the RumbleRoller offers to get deeper into the muscle to confront the origin of your pain.
  • WHY IT MATTERS & WHO’S TALKING ABOUT IT: No Matter if you’re Keto, primal, whole 30, carnivore, or low carb, finding healthy ways to get more protein is easier said than done. Jerky is usually filled with tons of sugar and random junk. The solution is South African Biltong. 5 ingredients, no sugar, all delicious.  Once you go biltong, you’ll never Jerk It again.
  • WHY WE LOVE IT: I’m South African. Biltong is our national pastime and it’s hard to find legit biltong in the USA. Jacklinks is total garbage. My favorite snack in the world.

Give the Gift of Learning

  • WHY IT MATTERS: Don’t miss out on the very best we offer. Hidden gems from years ago, thorough analysis across podcasters and topics that matter most.
  • Podcast Notes Members get access to: Our growing library of Premium content like quarterly roundups on key topics like health and careers, early access to notes on unreleased podcasts and special content where we prove a unique perspective on the topics and people that matter most (like The Essential Guide to Dr, Rhonda Patrick or The Sleep Elixir). You also get an ad-free experience.
  • WHY IT MATTERS & WHO’S TALKING ABOUT IT: Atomic Habits by James Clear. The meta skill to improve your health, wealth and self. Learning how to learn good habits and break bad ones is at the core of everything. It starts with Systems, not Goals and James Clear is a Master. Hands down one of the best books of the year.

  • WHY IT MATTERS & WHO’S TALKING ABOUT IT: I Will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Seth. The classic has been reborn and rebooted. No BS advice about skipping coffee. Stop agonizing over $30 decisions, focus on $30,000 decisions. Ramit will teach you to crush your debt, set-it-and-forget-it investing, and how to be ready for big budget items like houses/weddings. Actionable advice on how to build and automate your finances so you’re free to enjoy you life. 

P.S. Why is our Podcast Notes mug in all the pictures? It’s like our garden gnome. Plus, we want you to know we put our mug where our mouth is. We tested every product we’re recommending. No BS.

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