Final Results! Best Podcast Episodes of 2021

  • The final results are in, the best podcast episode of 2021 has been decided! Thank you all for your participation in this years voting!

CHAMPION: Best Podcast Episode of 2021

#542: Chris Dixon and Naval Ravikant — The Wonders of Web3, How to Pick the Right Hill to Climb, Finding the Right Amount of Crypto Regulation, Friends with Benefits, and the Untapped Potential of NFTs | The Tim Ferriss Show

  • “What the smartest people do on the weekend is what everyone else will be doing during the week in 10 years” – Chris Dixon
    • Getting tunnel-vision hill climbing can be very dangerous. Climbing up the corporate ladder is great and all but don’t lose your ability to get distracted, you never know what opportunity you will stumble on.
  • “Web2 companies convinced you to give away your creations in exchange for little hearts, tell me how NFTs are the real scam?” – Chris Dixon
    • NFTs are the link that funnels value directly between the creator and the consumer
  • Web3 empowers a collective owned future over a corporate or government owned future
    • We finally have private property on the internet; we can create owned digital scarcity
    • Composability is the compound interest of software – the open-source nature of web3 will allow for exponential growth
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2021 Honorable Mention

The Art of Learning – Josh Waitzkin Distilled | What Got You There with Sean DeLaney

  • When you feel obstructed, you’re trying to fit into a mold that isn’t right for you
    • Unobstructed self-expression: high performance and personal satisfaction comes at the harmonious intersection of pursuit and unique disposition
  • The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic long-term learning process and not to live in a shell of static mediocrity, usually growth comes at the expense of previous comfort or safety” – Sean DeLaney quoting Josh Waitzkin
    • Live on the other side of pain – crave mental resistance, our greatest insights are found in our disappointments
  • Go all-in on chaos
    • Take every opportunity in your daily life to test the boundaries of your current comfort zone
    • “Reps hidden in plain sight” – Sean DeLaney quoting Josh Waitzkin
  • The best performers understand the necessary, cyclical, and symbiotic relationship between stress and recovery
    • Life works in oscillation – In order to switch on intensely, you must also learn how to switch-off intensely
    • Many people live their whole lives at a ‘simmering 6’ rather than at 0 or 10
  • Depth over breadth helps you explore quality
    • If you fail to learn how to learn before exploring a subject, your knowledge is built on suspected (superficies) foundations
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Why The Robots Are Not Going To Eat Your Job | Mike Maples Jr. on The Danny Miranda Podcast

  • “Ruling institutions often go from being service providers to rent-seekers” – Mike Maples Jr.
    • The ability to exit is what gives your voice its power
      • Bitcoin provides you an exit opportunity from the centralized financial system
      • Covid has digitally separated work from location, creating exit power over local governments
    • Governments are being forced to treat us more like customers again rather than assets because more options emerge from the decentralization of products/services
  • Scalable start-ups that design new product categories are the way to defeat your susceptibility to inflation
    • Contributing towards existing institutional product categories only creates further dilution of the dollar down the corporate production line – feeding the machine per se
    • The phrase ‘the robots are going to eat your job’ is political speak to uphold industrial-era social contracts that maintain organizational power
    • Don’t subordinate your creativity as a trade-off for organizational hierarchy
  • Software gives people the ability to create a scalable business and participate in a more net positive, competitive, and decentralized business ecosystem
    • Competition drives innovation, the ‘robots’ are going to create more opportunity for the entrepreneur
    • “The future doesn’t happen to us, it happens because of us” – Mike Maples Jr.
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#524: Ramit Sethi on How Couples Can Talk about Money, Bucket Lists, The $100 Challenge, and More | The Tim Ferriss Show

  • “The more dialed-in your rich life becomes to you, the more incomprehensible it should become to everyone else” – Ramit Sethi
    • We spend our whole life thinking about what we can’t do with our money, so it’s hard to imagine your rich life initially
    • Don’t bs your goals, they’re your goals for a reason. Rich life is not a number; it’s understanding you and your partner’s values/interests and achieving them without the influence of society
    • What is your rich life? Talk about this with your partner
  • Money is opaque and unclear to compare across situations
    • We always try to compare ourselves to others but it’s more important to take a deep dive into understanding your goals
    • “It’s a tragedy to live a smaller life than you have to” – Ramit Sethi
  • Spending/saving habits are not always directly correlated to wealth
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Other 2021 Best Podcast Episode Nominations

How Tracking Every Second of His Life Took Rob Dyrdek from 0 to $405M in Exits | My First Million with Sam Parr and Shaan Puri

  • “I am human optimization, I’m optimized to be happy. Your goal is not to be happy in pockets, your goal is to be happy every single hour of your life.” – Rob Dyrdek
    • You can avoid all negativity if you constantly live in a state of experiencing, creating or problem-solving
  • Every day for the last 5 years, Rob has written down how he feels about his life, work, and health on a scale of 1-10
    • He compares this qualitative data to his quantitative data, what he’s doing and what the correlating feeling is
    • Mastery of self – Rob runs a daily analysis on himself to ensure his work/life always aligns with his priority for happiness
  • Start at the end – decide exactly what you want out of a business before you even start it
    • This can apply to all goals in your life, not just your work
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Andrew Huberman: Sleep, Dreams, Creativity, Fasting, and Neuroplasticity (#164) | Lex Fridman Podcast

  • “It’s clear that the communication of science cannot be left to the existing institutions” – Andrew Huberman
  • The combination of a low core temperature in the circadian cycle coupled with high levels of adenosine leads to the feeling of sleepiness
    • Misalignment of nap duration with sleep cycles is why longer naps (1+ hours) tend to leave people waking up groggy whereas a 20-minute nap can leave you feeling refreshed
    • It’s clear that if you deprive yourself of REM sleep, even if you get enough hours, you will become more irritable and start linking negative thoughts to innocuous events
  • “We know for sure that when you’re fasted or when you have low amounts of complex carbohydrates in your system, your alertness is going to go up. Fasting increases alertness and epinephrine for the sole purpose of getting you to go out and find food.” – Andrew Huberman
  • “The major effect of testosterone is to make effort feel good” – Andrew Huberman
    • The testosterone molecule is synthesized from cholesterol. Cholesterol can either be made into cortisol, a stress hormone, or testosterone, but not both.”
  • One of the biggest developments in psychedelics recently is the discovery that we can remove the hallucinogenic component from psychedelics while retaining the neuroplasticity
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A Masterclass in Economic Calculation | Michael Saylor on The Investor’s Podcast

  • Technology companies turn products and services into information networks, and they become trillion-dollar companies in the process
  • Bitcoin is an accretive asset, a store of value, and the world’s first engineered monetary network, and everyone is incentivized to plug into it
    • Think of Bitcoin as a globally accessible, decentralized, banking franchise
  • Inflation defined: “The rate of price appreciation in a basket of goods, services, or assets that you desire to acquire in the future” – Michael Saylor
    • CPI is a basket of cherry-picked deflationary goods. In reality, we have hyperinflation in scarce desirable assets
  • “When you buy a bitcoin you are buying a scarce piece of property on a global liquid monetary network” – Michael Saylor
    • Compared to other assets, Bitcoin is liquid, global, fungible, portable, the hardest to produce, and has no property tax
  • Central bank buying assets is a nice way to say print public money to support things that no rational individual would buy. In the process, nationalization takes over and market mechanisms break down.
  • “The Road to Serfdom consists of working exponentially harder in order to earn a currency growing exponentially weaker” – Michael Saylor
    • The answer: Sweep your cash flows into bitcoin. Even better, the yearly income from bitcoin’s growth will quickly surpass your business revenue
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Naval Ravikant & Akira The Don Talk About Everything

  • We’re living in the golden age of art. Anyone can create art at any time in a near infinite number of mediums.
    • “There’s probably more amazing art being created today than at any other point in history” – Naval Ravikant
  • If you want your content to last, you need to cover evergreen topics
    • “If you’re building a following based on politics or journalism or timely things, you’re renting out your time…But if you’re creating timeless content, then you have compounding principles” – Naval Ravikant
  • “The internet is destroying institutions and replacing them with individuals” –  Naval Ravikant
    • The internet has exposed of unnecessary a lot of gatekeepers were and customers are going start to the source for the products or services they need
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Exploring Ourselves | Tim Urban on Infinite Loops with Jim O’Shaughnessy

  • Most of your beliefs are probably wrong, be open to changing them. Seek the truth instead of seeking to be right all the time.
    • Think of your ideas as models and be open to changing models when presented with new evidence
  • As a creator, you must have the internal belief that you can create great things even though you don’t yet have support from other people
    • “If you are determined to believe something, there is absolutely no one who is going to stop you from believing it” – Tim Urban
  • Tim believes every person has 2 minds: a higher mind and a primitive mind
    • The higher mind can see the world in real-time, understands what culture and society are, and understands all of the lessons we’ve learned during our lifetime. It follows a more long-term thinking process.
    • The primitive mind is the ancient software that is a survival program from 50,000 BC. Its purpose is to remind you to eat, reproduce, and be socially accepted. It follows a more short-term thinking process.
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The Episode of Everything: Balaji on Bitcoin and Ethereum, Media Self-Defense, Drone Warfare, Crypto Oracles, India as Dark Horse, The Pseudonymous Economy, Beautiful Trouble, Ramanujan, Life Extension, and More (#506) | The Tim Ferriss Show

  • Financial independence is a requirement for individual and ideological independence
    • If you’re in debt and have high expenses you can’t help but be a conformist to survive
  • If Balaji were to invest $100million today: Half in Bitcoin (BTC), half in Ethereum (ETH)
    • Do not hold your crypto in exchanges
    • Keep your wallet’s keys locally (cold storage)
  • Balaji’s vision is: Infinite frontier (space), individual money (crypto), eternal life (life extension)
  • Innovative countries have leaders that approach their role as CEOs
    • The country takes the quality of a tech company, experimenting with new things
    • The future may be a centralized east vs. a decentralized west
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Failing On Our Way To Mastery | Seth Godin on The Knowledge Project

  •  Your company shouldn’t be for everyone, it should be for someone
    • The internet is not a mass medium, it is a micro medium. It’s the best medium at reaching specific groups of people and the worst medium at reaching everyone.
  • Amateurs show up when they want to and make what they want to make. Professional show up when they’re supposed to and do what they need to do.
    • “If you’re going to be a pro, it means you need to understand the state of the art, it means you need to raise the bar, you need to understand who it’s for and what it’s for and what change do you seek to make.” – Seth Godin
  • Defend your time and realize it’s okay to say NO to a request
    • Most people would rather hear a quick no from you than hear a yes but then you never follow up with them
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Elon Musk on The Joe Rogan Experience #1609

  • “In order to understand the meaning of life, we got to expand the scope and scale of consciousness…A species that does not become multi-planetary is simply waiting around till there’s some extinction event.” – Elon Musk
    • There’s either a lot of aliens or no aliens–either situation is terrifying
    • Elon Musk predicts that by 2023, there will be regular orbital flights on the Starship with people
    • The Holy Grail of the rocket industry is to create a fully and rapidly reusable rocket–that’s the current goal of SpaceX
  • Humans are taking billions of tons of CO2 that was trapped in the ground and releasing it into to atmosphere to see what happens instead of playing it safe and shifting to sustainable energy which will be required for civilization to survive in the long term anyway
    • “It’s literally the craziest experiment in human history…What the hell are we running this experiment for?” – Elon Musk
    • To accelerate the shift to sustainable energy, Elon would like to see a carbon tax
  • “I think Austin is going to be the biggest boomtown that America has seen in half a century” – Elon Musk
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Robert Breedlove: Philosophy of Bitcoin from First Principles | Lex Fridman Podcast

  • Money is a direct derivation of action and speech, which are modes of self-sovereign expression. Sovereignty always starts with the individual, not with nations.
  • Property is information, it’s not the actual asset. It’s the socially acknowledged relationship between the human and an asset
  • Markets generate 3 forms of pragmatic truth:
    • Price: subjective demands of humans against the objective supply of resources
    • Tools and innovations: Entrepreneurs experiment to profitably satisfy demands, and consumers are sovereign in their demands
    • Virtue: Lying is energy inefficient, akin to creating and maintaining a fork of reality
  • Inflation is theft, “You can just print more money that everyone else is forced to sacrifice their time and energy to obtain”
    • Inflationary money amplifies the perception of scarcity and results in increased fear, combativeness, and violence in a society
  • “Bitcoin is the most superior monetary technology that has ever existed” – Robert Breedlove
    • It’s divisible, durable, infinitely portable, verifiable, and scarce
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Jim O’Shaughnessy on Surviving The Great Reshuffle | Modern Wisdom Podcast

  • We are moving from a physical world towards a more digital one and we have to adapt our skillsets to maintain a competitive edge. Some tips on how to prepare:
    • Be endlessly curious. Consume as much knowledge as you can from various sources
    • Your “proof of work” is always on display online and is more important than your Ivy League degree
    • Don’t become prematurely certain. Keep in mind, “We are deterministic thinkers living in a probabilistic world” –  Jim O’Shaughnessy
    • Be responsible and own both your successes and failures.
    • In a way, “Covid was the best thing to happen to talented people in the developing world, and the worst thing to happen to talentless people in the developed world” – Chris Williamson
  • If knowing one of your perspectives allows the prediction of all of your beliefs, then you are not a serious thinker
  • Wealth and happiness lie in being able to do what you want, when you want, how you want, with who you want.
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#DeepDive on The Remote Workspace Utopia | Hiten Shah on Below the Line with James Beshara

  • Remote work utopia is freedom over time
    • Empower employees to function in their personal best environment that remote work allows. Focusing on productivity as the priority, regardless of strategy.
    • Remote working cultures gain a lot of advantages from asynchronous working conditions
  • Executives and management are optimizing for themselves, not for their team when it comes to remote environments
    • Leadership often wants to maintain their in-office micromanagement strategies remotely; however, this leads to unnecessary inefficiencies
    • If you’re not happy, find a new job. You have leverage due to the unclarity around what is next for working environments.
  • Design your work-from-home space for comfort
    • Even though there is a looming unknown about what a hybrid working environment will look like, investing in a comfortable and productive WFH setup will be beneficial
  • “Never mix the conversation of strategy and the conversation of execution” – James Beshara
    • If you mix the two, you will constantly edit down your ambition
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How I Built The Tim Ferriss Show to 700+ Million Downloads | The Tim Ferriss Show (Featuring Chris Hutchins)

  • Think about what you can learn even if you fail at podcasting (transferable skills)
    • “Follow your interests and make it easy in the beginning” – Tim Ferris
    • Make it interesting for yourself, if it is interesting to you it will be interesting to other people- this can’t be faked
  • You do not need to invest heavily in gear at the beginning. The simpler you make it, the easier it will be to keep doing it.
    • You can cover the podcast expenses without having to monetize the show
  • “The bulk of what goes into podcasting is finding guests, prepping for the conversation and having the conversation,” – Chris Hutchins
    • Think about what guests will care enough to bring their A-game
    • Highlight the guests and listen to their stories, but make the audience come back because of you
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