Remote Work Mastery

The Ultimate Work-from-Home System to Work Smart, Stress Less, and Love Life

  • In Remote Work Mastery, Podcast Notes founder Yoni and elite ghostwriter Joshua Lisec weave together the world’s best principles, rules, and tactics to optimize both your professional and personal life in our remote-first world.
  • These are the same strategies used by the founders of online essentials like WordPress, Basecamp, Crazy Egg, and more!
  • Remote Work Mastery does not repurpose tips you can find in a book or course . We know because we looked.
  • Remote Work Mastery presents un-googleable expertise that Yoni and Joshua have filtered, expanded upon, and integrated with their own 15 combined years of remote working experience.
  • With eight comprehensive video modules, actionable guides, and easy-to-follow checklists, Remote Work Mastery is the first course of its kind specifically designed for full-time and hybrid remote workers.

Why Remote Work Mastery Needs to Exist

  • The world has changed, and it’s not going back.
  • But you can do better than simply survive the “new normal.”
  • Just because you’re sitting alone at home in front of a screen all day doesn’t mean you are alone.
  • Work-from-home might be new(ish) for you, but the world’s top professionals, founders, creators, and freelancers have been excelling at home, at the coffee shop, and at the beach for years.
  • And we’ve assessed, filtered, and curated all their insights on what it takes to optimize work and be more efficient, productive, healthy, and happy.
  • If you were forced to transition from the cubicle to the kitchen table, you know that working from home can suck. Sure, you might have lost the commute, but you gained 10 pounds. Yeah, you get to be at home with family all day, but you have to be at home with family all day.
  • Work and life have swirled together. You’re working more but getting less done. You can’t check out or log off the way you used to. Because whenever you’re at home, you’re also at work. Instead of a coffee break, you go do the dishes.
  • And the worst part nobody warned you about isn’t the Zoom fatigue, the isolation, or unavoidable child or animal intrusion. It’s the fact that the work day no longer ends. ♾️
  • You’re not psychologically “done for the day” anymore. No more “coming home” to see the kids or the dog. No more signing off.
  • You’re always “on” and concerned about work. And perhaps in the back of your mind, you’re wondering how soon your job will get outsourced to southeast Asia.
  • Separating work hours, house stuff, job environment, and chill time feels impossible . . .
  • . . . impossible without the right system.
  • The good news is, that system exists.
  • The better news is, it’s been tested and proven for years.

The Optimized and Proven Work-From-Home System

  • The new elite already know the secrets of remote work mastery.
  • And now you can, too.
  • Yoni and Joshua have compiled and curated what to do and what not to do from the world’s best remote operators, including:
  • Naval Ravikant — Founder — AngelList
  • Jason Fried — Founder & CEO — Basecamp
  • Matt Mullenweg — Founder — WordPress
  • Hiten Shah — Founder — Crazy Egg & KISSmetrics
  • James Beshara — Founder — Tilt (Acquired by Airbnb)
  • Annie Murphy Paul — Acclaimed Science Writer, Author, TED Speaker
  • Esther Perel — Author, Psychotherapist, TED Speaker
  • Kyle Kowalski — Founder — Slow Co
  • Yoni Nathan — CEO — Almanac Docs
  • Jerzy Gregorek — 4-Time World Weightlifting Champion
  • Yoni & Joshua Lisec — Combined 15 years of remote work experience

“So What Do You Get, Exactly?”

  • Remote Work Mastery distills the world’s best remote work advice into a practical field guide. This zero-fluff, action-oriented course consists of videos, audio recordings, transcripts, slideshows, and downloads, including:
  • The Remote Work Endgame: Happy, Wealthy, and Free — Prioritize outcomes, then optimize efficiency so you work on the right thing at the right time for the right reason
  • Make Your Remote Workspace Work for You — Design your home work environment to maximize comfort and confidently communicate competence without breaking the bank
  • The Remote Collaboration Stack: Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset (Time) — Minimize task-switching, seamlessly collaborate with different teams (and time zones), avoid Zoom fatigue, ensure meetings are actionable (or non-existent), and enter flow state at will (and stay there)
  • The Best Way To Say It: Remote Work Edition — Use Joshua Lisec’s proven persuasive writing system to sell your work, your ideas, and yourself internally even if you’re not a “great” writer. Includes a masterclass on how to inspire your company to follow you in applying and sharing Remote Work Mastery principles
  • Work with Home Not from Home — Optimize the rest so you can do your best, from a sustainable fitness routine to a dialed-in diet you set on autopilot, from a calmer mind and lower anxiety to unshakeable focus and freedom from dopamine addiction
  • Giving the Best to Family and the Rest to Work — Create mental space and rules to provide your significant other and children the undivided attention they deserve without dropping the ball at work
  • Remote Work Mastery: From Needing the Money to Needing the Meaning — Draft a plan to pivot from working hard in a job you tolerate to working smart on projects you love with people you respect
  • The Ultimate Work-from-Home System — Preview all course contents so you how to prioritize your efforts and get the most power for your hour
  • The Remote Work Mastery Checklist — Download our 1-page checklist to configure and fine-tune each part of your Work-from-Home System
  • Remote Work Masters’ Tools of the Trade — Save time and money by using our hand-picked toolkit of the world’s best apps, equipment, and platforms for scheduling tasks, managing projects, furnishing your work space, and nurturing your body, mind, and spirit (This alone pays for the course many times over!)
  • The Ultimate Work-from-Home Summary — Review comprehensive, to-the-point course notes provided by Podcast Notes so you remember key gems from each module . . . because you can only act on what you remember

Meet Your Instructors

  • Yoni is the Founder and CEO of, a 100% bootstrapped and remote media platform that provides the world’s best ideas from the world’s best podcasts through notes, weekly newsletters, and a curated podcast feed.
  • Yoni is also COO of a remote-only, venture-funded biotech company. He previously co-founded a now-public multi-billion-dollar biotech spinoff and serves as a board member and advisor to many other startups.
  • Joshua Lisec is the world’s only award-winning, celebrity-recommended, #1 international bestselling Certified Professional Ghostwriter. He is also the creator of the Gumroad Bestseller The Best Way series, including The Best Way To Say It, used by thousands of remote and in-person business professionals.
  • Joshua has ghostwritten over 60 full-length books and has copywritten thousands of credibility-building articles, direct response emails, deal-winning proposals, and sold-out launch sales pages in over 100 more industries. He is also a TEDx Speaker and has 10 years of full-time remote work experience building a highly sought after ghostwriting business.

“Is Remote Work Mastery just a bunch of quotes or a list of websites and apps?”

  • No, Remote Work Mastery does not sinply repackage other people’s ideas as checklists or slideshows.
  • Remote Work Mastery is also not a 10-page PDF or drawn-out video series that states the obvious like “Have work-life balance” and “Stay focused.”
  • The first official year of everyone working from home is already over. The low-hanging fruit of advice has already been plucked.
  • Remote Work Mastery does not repurpose tips you can find in a book or course. We know because we looked.
  • Remote Work Mastery presents un-googleable expertise that Yoni and Joshua have filtered, expanded upon, and integrated with their own 15 combined years of remote working experience.
  • In distributed work, there are skills and knowledge that are far more important now than they were in regular office environments.
  • Having or not having these skills and knowledge — and excelling at them versus being barely passable — makes or breaks your career, your business, and your happiness.
  • For example, persuasive writing for internal communications is about selling people on your ideas so they pick them up, advocate for you, and advance your career.
  • We’ve made all the mistakes and learned all the hard lessons so you don’t have to. And we’ve laid out the path to remote work mastery that leads to happiness, wealth, and freedom.

“Who is this for and how does this help?”

  • Remote Work Mastery is for anyone working remote full time or hybrid.
  • It’s for anyone running or planning to run a side gig alongside a regular job.
  • It’s also for independent contractors, freelancers, creators, and artists.
  • And it’s especially for anyone with a spouse, kids, or other family at home during your work hours.
  • We originally built this course to be “the best way to work from home.” But really, we ended up with “the best way to work,” period.
  • This system works whether you work from home or not, as many of these insights apply to every knowledge worker, i.e., you use your mind, a keyboard, and screens.

Whatever your work-from-home situation looks like, Remote Work Mastery tells you what you need to know to:

  • Switch from productivity tool hell to a get-it-done system that works
  • Create a work-from-home environment that feels good and makes you look good
  • Organize both your professional and personal life within the same system
  • Get the biggest power for every hour of your work
  • Minimize pointless meetings and time-killing DMs and emails threads
  • Ethically persuade your colleagues, your boss, and your customers with words alone
  • Manage projects asynchronously so your remote team can work during their peak productivity hours
  • Build simple, repeatable systems for everything, from what you eat to how you run meetings
  • Create new routines to maximize effectiveness rather than waste more hours screen-staring
  • Form remote teams you can trust who “own” projects without micromanagement
  • Manage your dopamine and stop task-switching
  • Get done in 4-6 hours at home what takes you 8 hours in the office
  • Rediscover how to truly “be” with your family
  • Run action-oriented meetings that have a clear outcome
  • Take care of your mind, body, and family without sacrificing your peak productivity hours
  • Use remote work masters’ tools of the trade to manage your projects, schedule, and health
  • Write any article, email, newsletter, proposal, or project update with influence and ease even if you’re not a writer
  • Make remote work less disruptive to your family, your company, and yourself
  • Design a self-care system to keep energy high, excess calories low, and focus always on
  • Stop killing yourself to get a better job and start attracting opportunities by adding profitable skills
  • Find a career path that allows you to leverage technology and other people’s time

The Remote Work Mastery system is not just about working out of a spare bedroom, kitchen, or closet.

  • It’s about improving how you work so you can live a better life outside of work even as work and life are blurred in ways they’ve never been pre-pandemic.
  • It’s thriving from home!

100% 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Join Remote Work Mastery by Saturday September 18th at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, and you get these 5 bonuses FREE.

  • Joshua Lisec’s The Best Way to High Ticket: The step-by-step process and script template for running video sales calls, discovery sessions, and free consultations to close high-paying projects, gigs, and clients — on the spot.
  • Your Best Night of Sleep Ever (A Podcast Notes Collection): The best ideas, latest science, and most effective products to help you get your best night of sleep ever. 15+ podcasts. 1 post.
  • A Guide to the Best Advice from Naval Ravikant (A Podcast Notes Collection, 2021 Edition): A compilation of the Angel Philosopher’s best ideas and recommendations. You’ll learn what books Naval recommends reading, how to get rich without getting lucky, how to be happy, and much more.
  • A Guide to Mental Models (A Podcast Notes Collection): The best ideas from 9 amazing podcasts that will teach you helpful mental models to improve your decision-making process at work, with your finances, and at home.
  • A Guide to Growing & Monetizing Your Twitter Following (A Podcast Notes Collection): A compilation of the world’s most-engaged, highest-followed Twitter pros sharing the secrets to making money tweeting.

Borrow the best practices from the world’s best to succeed from home.

Join Remote Work Mastery today.

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