Podcast Notes eBook: Top 31 Podcasts of All Time

  • It’s been 5 years since I took the first set of notes that laid the foundation for what would become Podcast Notes. The repository of knowledge has swelled to over 1000 episodes across more than 100 podcasts. Lessons on how to live better, sleep better, eat better, invest in yourself and your work. From Tim Ferriss to Naval Ravikant; Joe Rogan to Rhonda Patrick; David Perrell to Shane Parrish; and all the best established & up-and-comers in between, my sincerest gratitude for the retweets; supportive DMs; and most of all your words of wisdom.
  • As you explore these pages, know that while these episodes are ordered, they are not in order: One man’s “skip,” is another man’s “save.” But, to my mind these are all 5 stars. I hope this compilation, of the best ideas, of the best 31 podcast episodes of all time stokes your curiosity for learning just as podcasts have for me.
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31 Best Podcasts of All Time

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