The BEST Podcasts of 2020 (So Far)

Podcast Notes is getting the party started a wee bit early this year; we’ll be keeping track of the best podcasts to grace the internet in 2020—right here! We’ll update this post regularly as more favorites get released, but for now, happy listening (and reading)!

Writing for Leverage, Teenage Billionaires, The Problem with Mainstream Media, and More – David Perell on Off the Chain, Hosted By Anthony Pompliano

David Perell (@David_Perell)—remember that name. The man is going places (and if you don’t follow him on Twitter, you’re seriously missing out). In this podcast, David linked up Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano (@APompliano) for an EPIC conversation. The pair dive into the value of being an “idea archivist,” why writing online is the highest leverage thing a human can do, and why we’ll soon start seeing teenage billionaires. Also discussed: The 3-step process for changing your career, the problems with mainstream media, and the future of journalism. This isn’t one to miss—trust us. Even though it’s still quite early, it’s hard to imagine this not being a contender for podcast of the year. We’ll leave you with this pull quote from David: “People wrongly think that you need to be an expert to write about something. No. Writing is the way that you learn about the thing that you then become an expert in.” START WRITING ONLINE.

ApoE4, Fish Oil, DHA, Metformin, Sulforaphane, Magnesium, and Using the Sauna – Dr. Rhonda Patrick on The Kevin Rose Show

Dr. Rhonda Patrick (@foundmyfitness), everyone’s favorite scientist—need we say more? Rhonda, host of widely popular FoundMyFitness podcast, joined Kevin Rose (@kevinrose) for an episode PACKED with actionable health advice–and we really mean PACKED. They delve into why you should think twice about metformin, DHA’s role in brain health, the best sources of DHA, Rhonda’s preferred fish oil and sulforaphane supplements, the MANY benefits that come from using the sauna, and so much more. Thank you, Rhonda Patrick, for teaching us more about health than any book, teacher, class, or doctor ever could. This podcast is going to be pretty hard to top. 

Finding Time to Invest in Yourself – A Conversation Between Naval Ravikant & Babak Nivi on The Naval Podcast

Look up “insight density” in the dictionary and you’ll probably see a picture of Naval Ravikant (@naval)—he takes it to the extreme. Bonus material from part of Naval’s ongoing conversation with Babak Nivi (@nivi) going over Naval’s famous How to Get Rich tweetstorm, this podcast is a MUST-listen. It’s seriously a crime that Naval is giving away this much valuable advice for free. Why you NEED to develop a founder mentality, the thing you absolutely must do early in your career, how to hone your specific knowledge, the importance of taking accountability—this podcast contains it all. 

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