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5 Things to Never Do in a Rush & Slowing Down in 2020 – On Purpose with Jay Shetty

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Key Takeaways

  • Just like your phone needs to be recharged and a good blade must be sharpened, you need to occasionally take breaks and slow down to be effective
  • The 5 Things to Never Do in a Rush:
    • Make big decisions
    • Give away your trust
    • Judge someone’s character
    • Eat your food
    • Think you truly know someone


Slowing Down to Become More Effective

  • Just like your phone needs to be recharged and a good blade must be sharpened, you need to occasionally take breaks and slow down to be effective
    • 🎧 “When you go around a bend, when you go over a speedbump, when you’re in an unknown area, you go slower. Now, do you think that going slower reduces your chances of getting to your destination? No. Do you think going slower makes you less efficient, effective, and productive? No.” – Jay Shetty
  • When you try to do as much as we can in a day, you often end up being less effective because you’re producing lower quality work

5 Things to Avoid Doing in a Rush

#1 – Making Big Decisions

  • 🎧 “We fill our days up with small insignificant decisions, which we make in a rush. Then, we get something known as decision fatigue where we’re too tired to make the big decisions, so now we make the big decisions in a rush.”Jay Shetty
  • Every small decision takes up a bit of energy that compounds throughout the day, so in order to save time and energy:
    • “I want you to start thinking about what insignificant decisions you can remove from your day-to-day life. Things like ‘What should I eat for dinner?’ or ‘What should I eat for lunch?’ or ‘What should I wear today?’” – Jay Shetty

#2 – Giving Away Your Trust

  • Trust is like building a bridge – it needs to be built over time and tested multiple times
    • Just as you wouldn’t trust a bridge after a single test, only after multiple tests should you fully trust a person

#3 – Judge Someone’s Character

  • Sometimes you see someone at their complete worst, while someone else sees them at their complete best. Neither are right; each person only saw a brief snapshot.
  • Just as you wouldn’t want someone to form their entire opinion of you based on a single instance, try to be understanding and apply that same logic when it comes to judging others

#4 – Eat Your Food

  • It takes ~20 minutes (from the time you take your first bite) for the brain to send out signals of fullness
    • The lesson: By eating slowly, you consume less calories
  • Each time you chew, count to 16 before swallowing (if you can’t do 16, try 8)
    • Most people swallow after only 2-4 seconds of chewing food
  • Slowing down your eating can also aid in reducing indigestion, bloating, and stomach gas

#5 – Think You Truly Know Someone

  • According to a study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships:
    • 🎧 “It takes about 50 hours of time with someone before you consider them a casual friend, 90 hours before you become real friends, and 200 hours to become really, really close”Jay Shetty

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