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  • Jay Shetty (@JayShettyIW) is a best-selling author, former monk, and purpose coach who strives to help wisdom go viral. In this episode of On Purpose, Jay Shetty outlines 12 lessons he has learned over the last 12 months to thrive mentally and spiritually in the ever-changing modern times we are living in.

12 Lessons Learned in the Last 12 Months

  • As Jay celebrates his birthday this week, he asks his audience to reflect on 12 lessons – one for each month. The following is Jay Shetty’s reflection:
  • Lesson #1: Focus on the input and the intention, detach yourself from the result
    • Society is addicted to expectations, our emotional well-being is at risk if we always attach success to results
    • Reflecting on his book, Think like a Monk, he prioritized and valued the shared effort put into it, you can’t control the result from there
  • Lesson #2: You can’t always find joy and happiness but you can always find meaning and service
    • “When you feel like you’re a part of the solution, the problem affects you less. When you’re trying to heal and help others, you heal yourself in the process.” – Jay Shetty
    • In the monk tradition, you actually give other people gifts on your birthday
    • There is a toxic positivity movement – everything is not always fine, solutions can require struggle
  • Lesson #3: Remind yourself of the gifts brought by terrible situations (like Covid and quarantine)
    • Jay reflects on his inability to travel and do various activities with his loved ones because of the pandemic. But during this period, he found that the absence of a busy life actually made his relationships deeper
  • Lesson #4: We have to learn to celebrate people while they are alive
    • Never opt out of an opportunity to say you love or miss your closest relationships – you’ll never regret it
    • Always know where you stand with your loved ones
    • Don’t let milestones dictate your outflow of love – don’t reserve personal communication
  • Lesson #5: Look at how we are controlled by fear
    • “If we’re controlled by fear, we’re in the mode of ignorance” – Jay Shetty
    • Setting a goal alleviates the fear of failure; it helps you celebrate incremental success
  • Lesson #6: Digital friendships can go deeper than you think 
    • Shared goals and passions can overpower boundaries set by physical distance
  • Lesson #7: Anything can be done in 48 hours
    • If you truly want something to happen, you will make it happen
  • Lesson #8: There’s never a better time to learn than when you’re not sure what’s going on
    • Therapy helps you make sense of your past and coaching helps you build your future
  • Lesson #9: When you don’t get what you want, you get more of what you need
    • When you’re too attached to what you want, you’ll never be open to what you need
  • Lesson #10: Solitude is as necessary as community
    • Energy preservation and internal solitude helps fuel your engagement in the community; they are not independent of each other
  • Lesson #11: Invest in energy first, expertise second
    • Energy is coachable, expertise will only get you so far
    • This is how Jay does his hiring – energy, expertise, money
  • Lesson #12: The mind has to be used by you for what you want to believe
    • We can convince our minds to make the most of every situation
    • If you can actively see the value in discomfort, you will maintain a much healthier mental state
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