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  • Andrew Tate (@cobratate) has lived countless different lives and is in the running for the most viral man on the internet. But are his hot takes as sizzling as the infamous Alex Jones? Find out here.
  • *This conversation was recorded in May 2021, Pomp sat on it until Andrew Tate’s popularity blew up. These are his opinions on the world.*
  • Host: Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano (@APompliano)

Who is Andrew Tate?

  • “I think of you as the Dan Bilzerian of Eastern Europe, is that a fair characterization?”Anthony Pompliano
    • “That’s a pretty fair characterization but…Dan is more of a customer and I’m more of a pimp” – Andrew Tate
  • Who is Andrew Tate? Former 4-time world champion kickboxer, ran a million-dollar webcam studio, Indiana chess champion at age 5 in the u16 division, almost a chess grandmaster (his father was a grand master and was a trailblazer for African-American chess)
    • Queen’s Gambit is feminist propaganda (opinion): the best female chess player doesn’t crack the top 50 – “I believe that Hollywood takes every single chance it can to empower females to the point of reducing men’s ability to look like a man” – Andrew Tate
    • Andrew likes challenges where he doesn’t have a teammate to save him (chess & kickboxing) and his opponent doesn’t have an unfair advantage (poker)


  • As a kickboxer trying to make it, he didn’t give a shit whether he lived or died
    • “Not in a sad suicidal way, I mean that in an empowered charging-at-the-gunfire type of way” – Andrew Tate
  • After 4 world championships, he realized that if he put the same 6 hours of furious training everyday into something else, he could become a multi-millionaire
    • “I wanted to get rich rich” – Andrew Tate

OnlyFans Before OnlyFans

  • From traveling the world fighting, he realized he had 4 girlfriends simultaneously—this wasn’t a problem, it was an opportunity
    • He flew them all in (none of them knew about the others: 2 left, 2 stayed) and he proposed his webcam entertainment business model
    • The webcam industry is net positive: “Webcam girls have prevented more male suicide than any therapist…some dudes only pleasure in life is knowing that some beautiful 19-year old girl in Ukraine knows their name and birthday” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew’s definition of PIMP = positively inspirational and motivating person
    • “In the movies, pimps are mean aggressive men—it’s the complete opposite. Pimps are more like James Bond. He sleeps with a girl to get information.” – Andrew Tate
    • Andrew thinks every single OnlyFans model works for a man – “I made girls rich, I didn’t exploit women” – Andrew Tate

Positive Mentality

  • Luck is a psychological construct
    • Example: In war, a soldier who steps on a mine feels lucky to come away with their life. From the outside, losing a leg doesn’t seem very lucky. But your mind dictates your definition of luck.
  • Andrew is never sad, he’s just more or less happy – “different variations of happy”
    • Unless a family member has passed away, of course
  • “If you’re not pushing and striving for something, life is so mundane” – Andrew Tate
    • Andrew doesn’t understand people who live without motivation
  • “I’m temporarily immortal. I’ve never died in my whole life.” – Andrew Tate
    • Death is coming eventually, but not today. Enjoy every single day you have.

Removing Racism

  • “I think we often confuse racism with pattern recognition”Andrew Tate
    • If you have more than one negative experience with anyone or anything, you’re going to change the pattern of your behavior
    • Andrew says this as a half-black man living in Romania, which is 99.7% ethnic white, people
  • Respect sees no race
    • If you show respect, you’ll almost always get respect back—regardless of race.
  • “The number one way you’re going to destroy racism is to stop talking about it”Andrew Tate
    • It should be “stop police brutality” not “stop police brutality against black people”
    • It should be “stop hate” not “stop hate against Asian people”
    • Why are we adding race into everything?
  • Andrew says almost every country is “more racist” than the United States
    • Other cultures can be much more tribalistic, which creates an environment for racism
  • Andrew believes racism is a tool of mass control
    • Racism is just a distractor so the lower/middles class people don’t rise up against the elites

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

  • The government is using its power to bend reality in real time
    • “If they control what people see and control how people think, then they control what’s true and what’s false” – Andrew Tate
    • Andrew’s example: Trump is racist because they said he’s racist. Not because they have objective evidence.
  • If humans can cheat to win, they will
    • Andrew’s example: If you’re playing a basketball game for $10,000 and there’s no referee, you’re probably going to cheat (at least a little bit). Now imagine how much world leaders are cheating and lying to maintain control.
  • The shadow government doesn’t even have to operate in the shadows anymore
    • Andrew’s example: They killed Epstein right in front of us! We are so divided at a lower level of society that we can’t unite around anything.
  • “You can remove the freedom and replace it with only one thing that stupid humans will accept: safety”Andrew Tate
    • They start by taking lots of freedom and then give half back as if they are acting generously

The (Actual) Effects of Covid

  • Covid, lockdowns, and mask mandates destroyed Andrew’s last faith in humanity
    • “This whole Corona-thing was the first time an absolute coward got to feel powerful” – Andrew Tate
  • People are not scared of the right things
    • In the name of Corona, they took people’s businesses. Do you think they won’t take your house in the name of a financial crisis?

Andrew Tate’s Solution

  • 1. Get more passports and residencies
    • No single government controls your life
    • “I live on as many grids as possible” – Andrew Tate
  • 2. Get rich NOW
    • “It’s about to be have-nots and have-yachts” – Andrew Tate
    • The wealth gaps are becoming so unsustainable that you don’t want to end up on the wrong side. The poor and middle class will dream of owning an asset.
  • “The future is based on enslavement. It’s based on removing your freedoms under the guise of safety, to keep you believing the lies, paying your taxes, and being a good slave until you die.” – Andrew Tate
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