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7 Notes to Myself – A Solo Episode with Noah Kagan on Noah Kagan Presents

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In this solo episode, Noah Kagan (@noahkagan) dives into the “ear nuggets” he likes to frequently remind himself.

Key Takeaways

  • 1) Create a fantasy list
    • Zoom out to the end of 2020; what do you hope to accomplish, personal and business-wise, by then?
      • Don’t hold back; go crazy! 
    • Roblox, for example, has a list of 10 things they hope to accomplish by 2023:
      • The U.S. President will mention their Roblox avatar on camera
      • Tesla will use Roblox in 50% of their cars
      • 50% of toys sold in the U.S. will have a Roblox scan tag
      • A Roblox developer will earn $50 MM in one year
    • What’s on Noah’s list?
      • Grow his blog/podcast audience 10x
      • Create a business show on Netflix that goes viral
      • Create a Serial-like podcast that’s business-related
      • Visit Tokyo for the Olympics
      • Go on Joe Rogan
  • 2) Are you training or playing?
    • When you’re playing, you’re not focusing on improvement; deliberate practice allows you to hone specific skills
  • 3) Pick ONE thing and get amazing at it
    • With chess, for instance, pick one opening move and MASTER it
      • (Apply this same advice to business)
  • 4) Read and study strategy to get to the next level
    • No matter how much you do something, unless you open your mind to new strategies and approaches, your skills will likely plateau
    • With whatever you’re trying to improve, allot time for studying the craft (one way to facilitate this: hire a coach)
  • 5) Play to WIN; don’t play not to lose
    • Often, whether in business or our personal lives, we play to win, but once we start winning, we begin playing not to lose
  • 6) Is life happen to you, or are you happening to life?
    • Further: Are you waiting for positive results to happen, or are you making them happen?
  • 7) Open up to pain and challenges 
    • (Don’t avoid them)
    • “Pain is part of the process. Pain is an aspect of life that makes us alive.” – Noah Kagan
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