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Naval’s Periscope Session – 4/29/18

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  • “I don’t want anything from anyone, so boredom is the only thing that drives me to do anything”
  • Naval recommends Skin in the Game by Nassim Taleb
  • Rick and Morty is the only TV show he watches
    • “Reality is really interesting for the most part”
    • “TV’s just a slow method of consuming nonfiction. Reading is a lot faster.”
  • Why are so many people leaving SF?
    • A combination of the taxes, it’s not the cleanest city, and there’s a huge homeless problem
    • It’s a chosen home for the tech industry, and it’s not going to disappear anytime soon
  • With companies where everyone is working remotely, it’s hard to do creative work where everyone needs to synchronize
  • India
    • They have a lot of corruption, bureaucracy, and high taxes making it hard to build things there
    • It should be doing a lot better than it is with the large amount of STEM graduates
  • “The only way you can sell something, is if you yourself believe in it”
    • This is what Elon Musk does all day long
    • “If you truly believe in what you’re selling, no one can compete with you on that scale”
  • Education
    • The education system is very industrialized
      • It was developed. and still is this way to some degree, to breed obedient factory workers
    • Educating people is very hard – especially when you need to do it cheaply, and all at the same time
    • Teachers are teaching a curriculum that’s been negotiated over decades and decided upon by politicians, courts, parents, and unions – this doesn’t make it efficient
    • Maybe it’s time we provide students with free tablets, that educate students about what THEY actually want to learn
      • We have the technology now, where the software can figure out you’re intellectual levels in different subjects (math, science, etc.)
  • Naval doesn’t manage his own crypto, he goes through funds
  • “Self conflict is a complete waste of time”
    • All judging, and arguing with yourself is pointless
    • Guilt is society’s voice speaking in your head
  • How do you put your brain in debug mode?
    • You won’t stop having thoughts, and you can’t control your thoughts, but you can stop them from running away like a freight train
  • Anger
    • “We didn’t evolve to be angry all the time”
    • Anger hurts YOU first and foremost
    • “Anger is a hot coal that you hold in your hand while you wait to throw it at somebody else”
    • Notice every time you’re angry, how much it hurts you
    • When you don’t want an emotion, it doesn’t arrive with the same intensity
  • To deal with procrastination, ask yourself – “Am I going to have to do this at one point or another?”
    • If the answer is yes, do it anyway
    • Another tip is to work on the second most important thing you’re doing
    • Ask why you’re procrastinating, really get to the bottom of it
    • A philosophical mystic that Naval has enjoyed reading
    • He’s a great thinker on enlightenment, peace, truth, and self examination
    • Check out the book The Sun Rises in the Evening 
  • How did Naval meet Kapil Gupta
    • Kapil tweeted at him
  • Vegan food technology companies
    • It’s only a matter of time before we can either 3D print meat or create food that tastes enough like meat that causes society to slowly shift away from eating meat
    • When this happens, people in the future will probably judge us for killing so many animals for food
  • The Bay Area
    • A positive – Has the highest concentration of brilliant people, and also the natural beauty
    • A negative – the amount of the monoculture/ group think , the lack of independent thinkers
  • What makes someone smart?
    • Genetics is the biggest component
    • Intellectual curiosity is an important trait to cultivate
    • “If you’re just curious as to how things work, and are more concerned with figuring it out correctly than being right, then you put yourself in a very powerful position”
  • Kanye for president?
    • He has a very good shot at winning
    • Social media has really changed who can run for president
    • “We’re going to see celebrity presidents a lot more”
    • Presidents within decades will be wearing cameras, and we’ll be able to tune into the president’s channel to see what he’s up to
  • Naval has noticed the “blue check marks” on Twitter are the least interesting people
  • “Your mind isn’t unfocused. It’s just focused on something that another part of your mind wan’ts it to be focused on. This creates self-conflict.”
    • “Your mind is doing exactly what you want it to do at all times”
  • What would Naval tell his 23 year old self?
    • Do everything you’re going to do, but with less emotion and less angst
  • Longevity
    • We’re the first generation with smart phones/the internet, but we’re probably the last generation before they figure out, or “crack”, longevity
    • “If there’s one thing that does kill you early, it’s stress. So chill out.”
  • Incarciration
    • “It’s basically one monkey putting another monkey in a cage.”
    • Maybe we can create another solution – perhaps we have an exile society where we can put prisoners
  • Tips for public speaking
    • Record and watch yourself to catch your flaws
    • Know your subject cold, and don’t feel the need to rehearse
    • If you know your subject, just talk
  • Tips for marriage
    • Marriage is not dead – it’s the institution you enter into to have children. If you’re not going to have children, you should really think twice about marriage.
    • Get married based on compatibility of values
  • Naval is not doing any public speaking this year
    • He only wants to speak on platforms he can control
  • Self confidence vs. IQ vs. Emotional Intelligence
    • IQ can be traded for Emotional Intelligence – if you’re really smart you can figure out your emotions
    • “An intelligent person, over time, will end up confident”
  • How does Naval deal with failure?
    • These days, he tries not to have too many goals
    • “If you don’t have goals, you can’t fail to meet them”
  • You don’t have to deal with anyone you don’t want to – just walk away
  • “The trick to doing anything, is first cultivating a desire for it”
  • Mathmatics is the language of nature
    • It’s human beings reverse engineering things encoded into nature
  • Humans have no overarching responsibility or purpose for living
    • We all can create and follow our own meaning
  • “I’m not trying to do anything important. I’m just doing what I feel like. If I like it, I’ll be good at it.”
  • Yoga and reading – “If you want to find me, I’m usually on my yoga mat with a book”
  • Naval doesn’t watch movies
    • At some point you realize your life is limited, do you want to waste it watching a movie?
    • “Your emotions may get taken for a ride, but once your emotions get taken for a ride a bunch of times… you know the feeling already”
  • Can only one cryptocurrency survive in the end?
    • There will be many survivors, but the economic value will be concentrated at the top
    • The most valuable cryptocurrency will be more valuable than all the others
    • The second most valuable cryptocurrency will be more valuable than third through the last put together
    • etc.
  • Intelligence and hard work will get you very far
  • Stop thinking in terms of “careers”
    • Develop skills, and do what you want to do at that time to get paid
    • The idea of a having a lifelong career is going away
  • If you want money – “Give the world something it wants that it does not yet know how to get”
    • You have to like what you’re doing though – if you don’t like it, someone who does will out compete you
  • Everyone should know how to sell
    • You can probably tell who’s going to be a good sales person when they’re 10 years old
  • Reading Jiddu Krishnamurti has made Naval realize how little he knows about himself
    • Naval has recommended Total Freedom in the past – very very thought provoking book
  • Naval recommends The Power of Now
  • How to have a good relationship
    • Be totally selfish
    • If you can’t keep doing it 50 years from now – don’t do it today to impress someone
  • Blockchain Technology is the most inetresting thing right now
  • Check out the book Siddhartha 
  • Happiness is something we can learn
  • You shouldn’t count on life after death
    • You’ll probably be happier in this life if you don’t expect it
  • It’s worth the investment to have a good “proposal story” with your girlfriend
  • In a sense, life is indistinguishable from a dream – everything eventually disappears
    • This reality will one day be gone
  • Are we living in a simulation?
    • It doesn’t matter and it wouldn’t change your life
  • Naval really loves his Airpods
    • Some people think they might somehow cause brain tumors, but Naval thinks it’s unlikely
      • There’s no scientific evidence
  • How do you find your life partner?
    • Be worthy of a worthy mate – work on yourself
  • The data shows the life of the average person throughout the world is getting better
  • A lot of unhappiness comes from comparing current events to past events
  • Naval is really enjoying The Sun Rises in the Evening by Osho
  • Intermittent fasting has worked very well for Naval
    • He doesn’t think he does it often enough, but when he does, he’ll only eat dinner
    • The benefits really start after 16 hours of fasting
  • Best way to learn how to learn?
    • Read a lot and read things you like
  • Naval does the happy body routine for his workouts
  • Naval sleeps about 5 hours a night
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