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Naval’s Periscope Session (10/9/18) – Part 2

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  • No one can really hurt you psychologically, you hurt yourself
    • You decide to get upset at a ruined expectation
    • Instead of saying “X hurt me”, ask “Why did I hurt myself over how this person behaved?”
    • Most likely – it’s because you had a certain expectation, and that expectation is the problem
  • Minimalism
    • Modern society is rich when you think about it – we have iPhones, Periscope, TVs, big houses etc.
    • Minimalism is no longer required – what’s required is that your expectations just have to be below your means
      • “People who live below their expectations, enjoy a freedom people who are busy upgrading their lifestyles can’t afford”
      • Don’t keep upgrading your lifestyle every time you make more money – try to live a notch below what you’re earning
  • How can you not care about what other people think of you?
    • “The way to forget the insults is to not take in the compliments in the first place”
    • For an insult to affect you, it has to hit on your self image, and that self image is created through compliments 
    • For an insult to really hurt you, it has to have some level of truth to it
  • How can you prevent yourself from copying others desires?
    • Meditate and spend time alone
    • Get out of your peer group – take retreats/trips, and drop yourself into new environments
  • What qualities does Naval look for in a friend?
    • Integrity
    • The person should also be happy
    • Naval values intellectual curiosity most
  • The best thing that has happened to Naval in the past year, is picking up a serious meditation practice
  • Retirement
    • Retirement just means not doing things you don’t want to do
      • In that way, Naval is already retired
    • “I don’t sacrifice today, for an imagined tomorrow”
    • Advice – Get into a job you like, where you are tracked on your outputs, rather than your inputs – this will allow you to control your time much better
  • Yuval Noah Harari
    • Sapiens was one of Naval’s favorite books, but to him, Homo Deus and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century weren’t as good
    • “The money is in sequels, but the quality isn’t”
    • Yuval had his whole life to come up with the insights for Sapiens
      • The world then wanted him to come up with equally good insights in just a few years for sequels
      • But in 1-2 years isn’t enough time – this resulted in books that weren’t as good (for Naval at least)
  • Psychedelics
    • Do your own homework, and make up your own mind
    • “Everything you get out of psychedelics, you can also get out of meditation” – Psychedelics are just the fast route
  • “Anytime you can trade money for time, you should, because time is the thing you’ll run out of first”
  • More on meditation
    • “Whatever works for you, is the right answer”
    • Transcendental Meditation is good for beginners, but Naval recommends to move past it after a while – “It’s just white noise for your brain”
  • Public Speaking
    • It’s about confidence
    • “If you’re indifferent to what people think, you can be confident, and if you’re confident, you can speak well”
  • There were some good ideas in Principles by Ray Dalio, but man oh man would Naval hate to work at that place
  • Global Warming
    • Everyone has their mind made up – “Global warming is no longer a scientific discussion, it’s a politicized discussion”
    • It turns into a name calling battle – it’s unfortunate but science is about open discussions, and the freedom to speak whatever you want
      • “Freedom of speech, which is really the freedom of thought, is the highest virtue”
    • “It’s turned into a highly politicized topic, it’s impossible to have a rational discussion about”
  • Physical privacy is almost dead
    • There are cameras almost everywhere
    • “The only remaining privacy we’re going to have is digital privacy, which is why encryption is so important”
  • Read Skin in the Game
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