Shaan’s 9 Unorthodox Management Tips | My First Million with Shaan Puri


  • Everyone sucks the first time they manage people. Check out Shaan’s unorthodox management techniques to learn how to suck less and get more results.
  • Host: Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP), no Sam (@thesamparr) on this episode!

#1 – Doctor House Technique

  • Doctor House from the TV drama series is highly respected but he’s hard to work with
  • Instead of spoon-feeding answers to his team about an X-ray, he’ll ask questions like “what’s interesting about this?”
  • Benefits of the Doctor House Technique:
    • Encourages your team to be curious
    • It’s not a gotcha question, your team may see something you don’t
    • Trial and error is how people improve, make them work for the answer

#2 – The Holiday Party Tactic

  • Go to a whiteboard and ask your team to visualize the holiday party for the upcoming year, then ask: what are you celebrating?
    • Forces your team to work backward under the assumption that you’ve already won
    • Brainstorming is much more productive from a place of certainty and confidence, rather than fear, doubt, and stress

#3 – Misery Loves Company

  • Everything seems achievable at the beginning of a plan, but here’s a great question to identify potential risks: what is the number one reason this could go wrong?
    • Ask this question from the perspective that you already failed, opposite of the Holiday Party Tactic

#4 – F, Murder, Marry Tactic

  • People tend to get very defensive over their current plan or the status quo of their company
    • CEOs will rarely say yes when asked the question, did you hire too many people?
  • Identifying procedural fat without being accusatory is a hard line to walk
    • Create a safe space for people to answer: what part of this would you cut if you could cut it?
    • This could be steps in your process, bottom team members, worst customers, etc.
  • This question identifies truth, and the truth is very hard to unsee
    • Even though the question is meant to be hypothetical, it helps address the elephant in the room and can lead to real change

#5 – Superpower Tactic

  • Most people are unaware of the extreme strength that they bring to the team
    • Make a presentation slide for each one of your team members and verbally acknowledge their extreme strengths
    • People want to live up to their identity—activate and unleash their superpowers!

#6 – Tesla Master Plan

#7 – The Calendar Audit

  • Highlight in green, red, and yellow the activities from your previous week that gave you energy, drained your energy or were neutral
    • Delegate, eliminate, or minimize until there is no red left on your calendar

#8 – Peer Groups

  • Mentors and advisors are overrated, while peer groups are underrated
    • Mutually shared goals drive the best success

#9 – Kickoff Document

  • There is great power in clarity, define your goals early
    • What are you trying to do?
    • How will we measure success?
    • What’s the next action-oriented step we should take?
  • Check out Shaan’s framework for his Kickoff Document
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