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Seven Ways to Not Get Fat During the Holidays – Mind Pump

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Key Takeaways (Strategies for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain)

  • First off, RELAX – enjoy the food and company of your family
  • Eat the meaningful foods (skip the Oreos, or foods you can eat any other day of the year)
  • When eating, SLOW DOWN
  • Fill your plate with protein (very filling) and veggies (high in fiber) before you hit the carbs
  • Make sure you’re drinking water in between meals/alcoholic drinks
  • If you know your holiday party won’t have any healthy dishes, bring one yourself!
  • After a big meal, go for a walk to aid digestion


  • Mind Pump consists of Sal Di Stefano (IG: @mindpumpsal), Adam Schafer (IG: @mindpumpadam) and Justin Andrews (IG:@mindpumpjustin)
    • The trio have 50 years of combined fitness experience as personal trainers

The Stats

  • From this article:
    • According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the average American’s weight increases by 0.4% over Christmas, and 0.2% over Thanksgiving. In total, this amounts to around one pound gained per holiday season for the average person.

Cut the Stress

  • Many people freak out about their diets this time of year
    • Stressing over the holidays only makes potential weight gain more likely – Relax and enjoy the food and people around you
  • “Your relationships are just as important to your health and longevity as eating right” Sal di Stefano
  • When you’re too rigid with food, diet, and portions, you’re more likely to derail and “go crazy”

Prioritize Food Order

  • Fill your plate with protein (very filling) and veggies (high in fiber) before you hit the carbs
  • Then, go back for stuffing and sweet potatoes

Drink Plenty of Water

  • By doing so, you’re less likely to over-consume calories
  • Practice “coasting” – sipping an alcoholic drink, but hydrating with water in between

What happens if there are no healthy dishes at the holiday party?

  • Bring one yourself! – It may turn out to be the new family favorite
  • Also, consider bringing a low-calorie alcoholic beverage (like White Claw) for yourself

 Eat Mindfully

  • Slow DOWN – you’ll enjoy the food more and eat less
    • A hack to help: Switch hands in between bites
  • Eat the meaningful foods – skip the Oreos (or foods you can eat any other day of the year)
    • If there’s homemade pumpkin pie or your aunt’s once-a-year stuffing, go all out!

Go for a Walk After a Big Meal

  • Walking massages the muscles around the intestines and aids digestion
  • A post-meal walk is great for relationships – it gets everyone away from their phones!

Schedule a Post-holiday Workout with Family and Friends

  • Invite visiting family to get a workout in with you
    • You may have to dial back your usual workout, but so be it
  • Exercise blunts blood sugar spikes, so it’s a great idea to get a workout in before a large meal
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