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1604: Ways To Kick-Start Fat Loss When You Hit A Plateau, Lifting Tips & Techniques When Suffering From Joint Pain, How To Correct Shoulder Imbalances & More (Listener Live Coaching) | Mind Pump

Key Takeaways

  • Plateaus happen because your body adapted to the exercise and nutrition routines
  • If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to get your metabolism up by increasing calories and building muscle
  • We don’t have a weight loss problem, we have a sustainability problem – focus on foundations and build habits
  • If you suffer from joint pain but want to build muscle, keep the weights light but slow down the tempo, focus on perfect form, technique, concentration, and squeeze – the goal should be “how can I make this weight feel heavier?”
  • To overcome dysmorphia while trying to bulk: avoid analyzing the body or flexing in the mirror, stay away from the scale for 2-3 months; eat according to fitness performance
  • To increase muscle while trying to lose weight: increase calories by 200-300 per day for a few months and sprinkle in a few days of calorie deficit every 2-3 weeks


The Mind Pump hosts are Sal Di Stefano (IG: @mindpumpsal), Adam Schafer (IG: @mindpumpadam) and Justin Andrews (IG: @mindpumpjustin).

In this episode, the guys host a Q&A and answer listener questions about kick-starting when you hit a plateau, lifting, and modifications when suffering from joint pain, and how to correct shoulder imbalances.

Pushing Through A Plateau

  • Plateaus happen because your body adapted to its exercise and nutrition routines
  • Try MAPS Anabolic
  • Add calories and be diligent about weightlifting and muscle building 3-4 days per week with mobility work or walks the other days
  • Calorie surplus sends the body a signal to build with strength training. This will help you break through the plateau and your body will adapt better to the next cut
  • You might gain weight but body will likely have a lower body fat percentage
  • Don’t worry about weight specifically, it will fluctuate at the beginning until your body adapts to a new routine

Lifting Safely Through Joint Pain

  • Going heavy doesn’t necessarily mean adding weight to the bar
  • You can get an equally challenging workout by using lighter weight, slowing down the tempo, and focusing on the squeeze
  • Make exercises focus on movement quality, technique, form, concentration
  • Change your mindset: instead of thinking “this feels easy, can I add 10 pounds?” – think “can I make this weight feel heavier through concentration?”
  • Be meticulous about movements and making the movements look smoother with better form
  • Check out MAPS Performance

Body Dysmorphia & Increasing Calories To Bulk

  • Body dysmorphia is very prevalent in the body-building community
  • Orthorexia is a dysfunctional form of eating where the fixation is on healthy eating but causes stress and makes food a chore
  • Tips for body dysmorphia: avoid analyzing your body, take the focus off aesthetics and the scale, don’t flex in the mirror, and focus on performance for three months
  • Judge diet based on performance – eat according to what your body tells you through workouts

Upper Back & Shoulder Pain

  • The hardest imbalances you have to correct are shoulders because you can’t see them and gauge the full range of motion properly
  • Go light on exercises
  • Focus on technique and perfect form while priming and doing corrective exercises
  • Tight muscles are a signal from the body trying to protect a potential issue somewhere
  • Try massage and foam rolling – pressure in tight areas will help muscles relax
  • When shoulder pain is on one side – generally shoulder is rolling forward or elevating more to one side
  • Try MAPS Prime and MAPS Prime Pro
  • Dysfunction on the scapula can be hard to correct and take some time, be patient

Building Muscle In A Cut While Overweight

  • When people first start working out they will burn body fat while building muscle – until plateau kicks in
  • Go on a light bulk, increasing calories by around 300 per day for 2-3 months
  • The mental hurdle is the toughest because it feels counterintuitive to eat more while trying to lose weight
  • The scale will fluctuate – don’t be a slave to the number
  • Ideally, you will hover around the same weight while eating more calories – that’s the ultimate signal you’re building muscle
  • Try this cycle: 2-3 week surplus then a few days of calorie deficit
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