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1584: How to Build Impressive Shoulders, Signs It’s Time to Add More Volume & Frequency to Your Workout, Overcoming Sports Injuries & More (Listener Live Coaching) | Mind Pump

Key Takeaways

  • When starting a new routine, don’t rush into adding an extra training even if you feel recovered – the optimal dose of exercise for results is not the same as the maximum your body can handle
  • For core imbalances try bird-dog and contralateral movements for priming but be deliberate about form and technique
  • It’s critical to perfect form, improve imbalances, and increase the maximum range of motion before loading movements
  • If form breaks down when loading: (1) reduce the number of reps; (2) lean into it and incorporate isometric holds
  • A better squat with lighter weights will give you better results than a heavier squat where form breaks down


The Mind Pump hosts are Sal Di Stefano (IG: @mindpumpsal), Adam Schafer (IG: @mindpumpadam) and Justin Andrews (IG: @mindpumpjustin).

In this episode, the guys host a live Q&A and answer listener questions about training frequency, building shoulders, managing muscle imbalance, and focusing on lifting heavier versus mobility and technique.

Balancing Recovery & Training Frequency

  • The optimal dose of exercise for maximal results is not the same as the upper limit your body can withstand
  • You might be able to tolerate more training but it won’t necessarily get you where you’re going
  • If you are progressing and feel good, moving in the right direction – keep your routine
  • Manipulate exercise, nutrition, and programming first before adding in another training session
  • Generally, performance progressively adds more volume so be patient with training

Building Impressive Shoulders

  • Great benefit for shoulder following MAPS Aesthetic
  • Focus on trigger sessions multiple times per day
  • The intensity of the trigger session should be lower

Managing Muscle Imbalance

  • MAPS Prime assessment to see where the breakdown is
  • For core imbalance: do intentional bird dog, being mindful of keeping hips square, and intensify tension in muscles
  • Perform contralateral movements to feel where is firing properly and where is not
  • Start workouts with priming to activate muscles deliberately
  • Rotational exercises will help balance out right side versus left side discrepancies

Lifting Heavier Versus Mobility & Technique

  • To improve and make lifting heavier more seamless, back off on intensity and perfect technique and range of motion
  • Under increased intensity, the body always wants to revert to a recruitment pattern of least resistance – which might not be a good form
  • Tip 1: prioritize form first and reduce reps if the form starts breaking down
  • Tip 2: if you notice form breakdown, lean into it and add isometric holds to overcome
  • Break the cycle: if you train a poor recruitment pattern, that’s what will take over
  • To improve squat form: focus on mobility for work on hips, ankles, feet several times per day
  • Discrepancies start to make a huge difference as weight increases so critical to work on mobility and technique

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Notes By Maryann

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