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1440: How to Build A Fit Mom Body | Mind Pump

Key Takeaways

  • Time constraints are real – you can be fit with 2-3 days of exercise
  • Take your lifestyle and fit a workout into your schedule, not the other way around
  • You have to increase your metabolism to lose weight in a sustainable way
  • If you are eating and exercising properly, your physique will change but don’t expect your weight to go down immediately – muscle is denser than fat
  • Take care of yourself like you’re someone worth taking care of


The Mind Pump hosts are Sal Di Stefano (IG: @mindpumpsal), Adam Schafer (IG: @mindpumpadam) and Justin Andrews (IG: @mindpumpjustin).

In this episode, hosts Sal, Adam & Justin discuss the challenges of maintaining fitness while balancing the duties of motherhood, healthy body fat percentages for women, ins and outs of metabolism, and what it takes to build a fit mom body.

Reducing the Barriers to Exercise for Moms

  • Time constraints are real – you can be fit with 2-3 days in the gym
  • “Tone” is a made-up word – muscles build and shrink
  • Don’t fear building muscle!
  • Effective is not the same thing as intense
  • Momentum and consistency are crucial – Take your lifestyle and fit a workout in there, not the other way around

Increasing Metabolism

  • You can’t lose weight without building metabolism
  • You either have to take in fewer calories than you burn or more calories than you take in
  • Burn more calories throughout the day with activities
  • The average person will burn 400-500 calories in an hour with intense exercise
  • Resistance training and strength training tells the body to burn more calories, increasing metabolism, and daily caloric burn off

Psychology of Weight Loss & Nutrition

  • If you are eating enough food and good food, we don’t expect your weight to go down
  • If you are building muscle, your body will look different but your weight might still be the same as muscles are denser than fat
  • Diets do not work!
  • Diets are surrounded by stress and an urge to binge when you fall off
  • Diets may work in some cases because they’re calorie-restrictive but as soon as it ends, you will either rebound or gain weight
  • “Take care of yourself like you’re someone worth taking care of.” Sal
  • The body can’t build muscle out of thin air – you want to eat but learn to intuitively make the right choices
  • Learn to identify how foods affect your body
  • Learn the difference between hunger versus boredom or stress

MAPS Programs

  • Mind Pump MAPS Anabolic is the perfect, foundational start to getting in shape for busy moms
  • MAPS Anabolic: two resistance training workouts per week – option for home or gym
  • The program allows you to build muscle, add shape, add curves, boost metabolism
  • The MAPS HIIT (High-intensity interval training) program gives you an effective workout in 15-20 minutes
  • HIIT programs: resistance training with reduced rest between
  • HITT programs preserve muscle and burn calories in a short amount of time
  • The body adapts quickly to HIIT so you don’t want this to be the only style of workout long term
  • Flow and mobility sessions are a great way to add more to the routine when time is limited and energy is reduced
  • MAPS Anywhere is specifically designed to be done at home or on the go when you can’t get to the gym
  • MAPS Anywhere: easy to follow and uses resistance bands so no gym is required
  • Fit Mom Bundle includes MAPS Anabolic + MAPS HIIT + MAPS Anywhere + Intuitive Nutrition Guide  
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