The TOP Takeaways Q1 2019 – Careers & Work

We continue with our series of collecting the top takeaways from podcast land, this time focused on the subject Career & Work.

What you’ll find:

  • The Stuff That Makes You Think

  • General Advice

  • Advice For Entrepreneurs

  • Advice & Thoughts For Creatives

  • Navalisms Picked Up From Naval’s New Podcast

  • Advice That Can’t Steer You Wrong

But first….the Podcast Notes Key Takeaways:

  • It is SO IMPORTANT to be able to clearly communicate your ideas and persuade others to listen to what you have to say
  • Instead of following your passion, focus on the area in which you can make a contribution
  • Make time to do the creative work you want to do 
    • Even if you can only…

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