The TOP Takeaways Q1 2019 – Life Advice

Table of Contents:

  • Always Remember…
  • Kapil Gupta Wisdom
  • Self-Help/Improvement
  • Relationship Advice
  • For Life’s Hard Times
  • The Very Useful
  • Lessons on Reading From Naval Ravkiant


We went back and compiled all the best life advice from the first quarter of this year. In Podcast Notes fashion, here’s what’s most important:

Key Takeaways

  • Risk is the probability of bad outcomes (Howard Marks)
    • But….bad outcomes = loss AND gains that you miss out on
    • Many people care more about the former – we should think of risk in terms of BOTH
  • “If there’s any scent on the trail, you gotta go” – Mike Posner
    • When you’re chasing a dream, and any opportunity presents itself that might bring that dream closer to a reality – follow the scent

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