The Very Useful: Kitchen Essentials

Our favorite kitchen tools and hacks to save you cash and heartache. 

Below are some of our favorite kitchen tools and hacks to save you cash and heartache.

Kiwi Pairing Knives: While it’s great to have some fancy Wustof or Henckels chef and pairing knives, it can also be a pain to properly care for them. Especially in a busy house with kids running around, sometime you need an option that does great and can be simply tossed in the dishwasher. These Kiwi knives are cheap, high quality and durable.

The Trick is to buy 5 of them and use them with reckless abandon. Feel free to grab a cheap sharpener (I’ve used this one for years with great results and it’s small/cheap) to give them a refresh on occasion. Even with heavy use you’ll be good for a few years, and at that point you can just buy another handful of them.

Chef’s Knife: Go for the Forschner for a great chef’s knife at a very affordable price and never buy full knife sets that make you buy sizes/shapes you don’t need. We’re not alone on this one, pretty much everyone recommends this, including America’s Test Kitchen and Serious Eats.

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