COO Startup Operations Master Class (Member Preview)

While not part of a usual programming, this is a preview of the first piece of a course/e-book on setting up and operating a startup that I’ve been working on for a while now. The final publication date is still TBD, but I thought this first piece might be of interest to you all, or not? Any feedback (good or bad) would be very helpful.


So You’ve Raised Money, No What?

Why should you listen to me?

Credentials”: I have degrees in economics and psychology from an Ivy League school and an MBA from a Top Tier program where I didn’t learn ANY of what I’m going to teach you.

Why I Can Actually Help: I have, however, raised over $100M from Top Tier venture capitalists to start a healthcare company and founded Podcast Notes (100% bootstrapped). I then led operations to get my VC funded company off the ground to ensure we quickly executed on our strategy, tripled headcount across two offices/states and established credibility with the Board (while building Podcast Notes). I have also served as an adviser to multiple other startups as they raised money/got off the ground. This is the information I wish that I knew when it all started.

$$$$$$: Furthermore, I’ll also give you precise negotiating tactics that will save you tons of cash, making you a HERO to your board/VCs. Savings that will pay for this course many times over and extend your runway. 

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