Sam Altman’s Startup School Lecture: How to Succeed with a Startup

Sam Altman (@sama) is the former president of Y Combinator and current CEO of OpenAI

Key Takeaways

  • The degree to which you’re successful as a startup approximates the degree to which you build a product that’s so good, people spontaneously tell their friends about it

Table of Contents

  • The Most Important Product Characteristic
  • Stay Simple
  • Which Market Should You Tackle?
  • Real Trends vs. Fake Trends
  • Every Startup Needs an Evangelical Founder
  • Have an Ambitious Vision
  • It’s Easier to Start a Hard Startup Compared to an Easy Startup
  • The Best Founders Have a Confident and Definite View of the Future
  • The Team You Build is the Company You Build
  • Never Lose Momentum
  • Find Your Competitive Advantage
  • Have a Distribution Strategy
  • The Best Founder Traits
  • Why Startups Win

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