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Get Your Health Right | Max Lugavere on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Max (T: @maxlugavere, IG: @maxlugavere) is the host of The Genius Life podcast (check out the Podcast Notes) and author of the new book, The Genius Life.

Key Takeaways

  • “Sleep is the one lever that will affect the broadest number of factors” – Aubrey Marcus

Table of Contents

  • Max’s Mission & Driving Force
  • How to Maintain a Long-term Health Focus
  • The Importance of Sleep
  • Let’s Dig Deeper Into Amyloid-Beta
  • The Dangers of Air Pollution
  • How to Protect Against Air Pollution
  • The Benefits of Astaxanthin
  • Get More Sun
  • Late-Night Artificial Light Exposure is a Carcinogen
  • Eat More Protein
  • How else can we increase glutathione?
  • How to Reduce Exposure to Toxins
  • Fun Fact
  • How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck with Your Diet

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