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How to Be a Great Founder: A Lecture By Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman (@reidhoffman) is the co-founder of LinkedIn and host of the Masters of Scale podcast. This is a lecture given by Reid at Stanford University.

Key Takeaways

  • Most of the time, multiple co-founders (2-3) > a solo founder (especially in the eyes of investors)

Table of Contents

  • Being a Founder |  Perception vs. Reality 
  • The Ideal Founding Team
  • Where should you start your startup?
  • Entrepreneurship is HARD
  • It’s Conventional to Be Contrarian
  • Being Flexible vs. Staying Persistent
  • Focusing Internally vs. Focusing Externally
  • Taking Risk vs. Minimizing Risk
  • Focusing Long-Term vs. Short-Term
  • What makes a great founder?
  • Audience Q&A
    • What makes a great co-founding team?
    • How do you know when to pivot?
    • Great Founders Have No Balance

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