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The Best of Mind Pump | Advice on Diet, Exercise, Fasting, & Supplements

Mind Pump consists of Adam Schafer (@mindpumpadam), Sal Di Stefano (@mindpumpsal), and Justin Andrews (@mindpumpjustin). Together, the trio have 50+ years of combined personal training experience. When it comes to strength training and general health advice, they know their stuff. It’s time we compiled their wisdom. 

Key Takeaways

  • Eat more protein. For maximum benefits, aim to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day.

Table of Contents

  • I. Diet
    • A. Eat More Protein
      • Why?
      • How much protein should you eat?
      • What are the best sources of protein?
      • Which type of protein powder is best?
    • B. Ditch the Sugar and Processed Foods
    • C. Think Twice About Going Vegan
    • D. Fasting
      • Prolonged Fasting Has Many Health Benefits
      • Fasting Tips
      • Do NOT Look at Fasting as an Easy Way to Lose Weight
      • This Point is Key
  • II. Supplements
    • A. First, Know This
    • B. The 5 Most Overrated Supplements
    • C. After Filling Your Nutrient Deficiencies, Supplement to Enhance Performance
  • III. Exercise
    • A. Why strength train in the first place?
    • B. The Best Exercises for Each Body Part
    • C. The Rules of Bicep & Tricep Training
    • D. The Rules of Chest Training
    • E. The Rules of Shoulder Training
    • F. The Rules of Leg Training
    • G. The Rules of Back Training
    • H. Exercise Myths: Dispelled

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