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A Guide to the Newsletter Business: A Podcast Notes Collection

This member’s only content is a compilation of several business podcasts that will teach you how to start and run a newsletter business.

Key Takeaways

  • Easy steps for creating a newsletter business:
    • Figure out what niche you have a unique perspective
    • Create a lot of valuable content for free and put it everywhere to improve brand awareness
    • Run a free newsletter with valuable content and use that to drive people to another premium newsletter with extra insights
  • Put your premium newsletter out once a week and your free newsletter out at least 3 times a week
  • You NEED to ask yourself:
    • What’s the appetite? Who are you writing for? Who is the audience”
    • Is email the best delivery mechanism for the above? (you can’t assume it is) – Different audiences consume content in different ways
      • So to sum up – create a newsletter people actually want
  • When it comes to their ads, Morning Brew writes the copy the same way they write their newsletter so it resonates with readers
  • “We like to treat our advertisers as well as we treat our readers” – Austin Rief
  • “Find the person who really, really, really wants to get in front of who you know your reader is” – Austin Rief
    • “Find the person whos price and elasticity is so high because they NEED to get in front of your audience”
We are living in the Golden Age of Newsletters, but starting one and succeeding is HARD. We’ve compiled the lessons and tricks from the very best to get you the head start and edge you need.

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Notes By Alex Wiec

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