A Guide To The Best Advice From Mind Pump: A Podcast Notes Collection

Get A Proper Assessment

  • It’s important to get a proper assessment before starting a routine because everyone has different imbalances and needs
    • You don’t want to follow a workout or nutrition routine that will actually be detrimental to you
  • Step 1) Find out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)
    • That’s how many calories your body burns daily. People are terrible at predicting how many calories they need so it’s important to figure out your TDEE.
    • Mind Pump has a free TDEE calculator
    • If you want to gain weight, you need to eat more than your TDEE. If you want to lose weight, you need to eat less than that.
  • Step 2) Get your hormone and nutrient levels tested
    • Your hormones can actually tell you if your diet and exercise routine are working for you
    • If you aren’t meeting your body’s nutrient demand, it’s not going to function and you aren’t going to make progress
  • Step 3) Assess your movement with proper priming
    • To get the most out of an exercise, you need to do proper priming
    • Mind Pump has a free webinar on proper priming

3 Steps To The Ideal Workout

  • Step 1) Build the foundation of strength
    • Strength is the foundation of every exercise 
      • “Build the base, strength and muscle is the most important thing” – Sal Di Stefano
    • Having muscle helps protect your body
      • “More muscle means you’re more sensitive to sugar and your insulin responds better. More muscle means your hormones balance out.”
  • Step 2) Focus on performance training
    • “Just having muscle isn’t enough, you need to be able to move well” – Sal Di Stefano
      • Performance training will help you build mobility and stability which will help you avoid common injuries
  • Step 3) Sculpt and shape your body
    • Once you’ve built a foundation of strength and have worked on your performance training, then you can focus on sculpting your body
      • “We want to lay that good foundation, good movement pattern, before you start trying to sculpt and shape the body” – Adam Schafer 
        • This is where you get to do isolation exercises and focus on the details of your body

How To Maintain Muscle With Workouts at Home 

  • Use or buy:
  • Perform body-weight exercises
    • If those are too easy, move to one-leg or arm exercises (single leg squats, one-arm pushups, pistol squats)
  • If you don’t have weights, increase the frequency of your workouts (ex. You used to go the gym 3x a week, now workout from home 5x a week)

8 Exercises You Should Be Doing

  • 1) Turkish Get-up
    • The Turkish Get-uplooks like a dance move but it takes you through multiple planes of movement making it a great exercise
  • 2) The Windmill
    • The Windmill, like the Turkish get-up, doesn’t train a specific body part but it does improve overall performance
  • 3) The Farmer Walk
    • The Farmer Walk is just holding dumbbells or a trap bar in your arms and walk in a straight line
  • 4) Bulgarian Split-Squat
  • 5) The Z Press
    • The Z Press is when you sit on the floor, spread your legs in a V-shape, and press weight upwards
  • 6) The Zercher Squat
    • The Zercher Squat is when you do a front squat with a bar in the crooks of your elbow
  • 7) Snatch Grip Deadlift
  • 8) Single-Leg Deadlift
    • The Single-leg Deadlift is when you bend your hips and lift one leg up while lowering your torso as low as possible

How to Increase Your Squat Load

  • Try changing your workout programming – rep count, number of sets
  • Lifting heavy indicates you probably know how to squat but your body could lack stability and mobility
  • Breakdown components of lift and focus on where you feel your sticking point
  • Work on unilateral exercises to gain stability (e.g., lunges, split squat, etc.)
  • Assess programming first before nutrition
    • If you are trying to lean out and simultaneously lift heavy, your body will reach a point where you are generating as much output as possible and you need to build more muscle to get stronger
    • Try increasing calories for two weeks and monitor progress
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