A Guide To The Best Advice From Joe Rogan: A Podcast Notes Collection

This member’s only content is a compilation of several podcasts that featured Joe Rogan’s unique worldview. This post will teach you how to become a better podcaster, why you need to challenge yourself in life, the importance of discipline, and many more life lessons.

Key Takeaways

  • A common theme in Joe’s life – do something for fun, get good at the craft, and then make a living from it
  • Joe’s secret sauce for his podcast:
    • “Be authentic, try to be yourself, and be honestly interested in the guest”
    • To add – Because Joe doesn’t work for anyone, he only has people on his podcast who he’s solely interested in
  • “You are not your past. You might have done some things in the past that you wish you hadn’t done – don’t dwell on them, you learn from it.”Joe Rogan
    • It’s never too late to start – on a new diet, on a side hustle, or a new exercise regimen
  • “The vast majority of problems would be solved amongst reasonably people if they just talked it through” – Joe Rogan
    • “The way we exchange information with each other back and forth through social media is the absolute worst way people can talk. You’re not looking at each other. You don’t get any social cues. You don’t feel any empathy towards that person.” 
  • Sports teach you the value of hard work:
    • “One of the best benefits of sports is you realize that through hard work you get improvement, through improvement you get success…You get this knowledge that you can do something that’s difficult and you can overcome even though it feels like you can’t.” – Joe Rogan
  • In life you always have to pay your dues: Either you pay now and enjoy being successful later or you enjoy doing nothing now and pay with the feeling of regret later
    • “A person who goes through life without ever being tested is a sad person” – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is the world’s biggest podcaster, a UFC commentator, and a stand-up comedian. This collection of notes will give you an inside look into how he thinks, how to become a better podcaster, why you need to challenge yourself in life and a ton of more life advice.

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Notes By Alex Wiec

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