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The Kevin Rose Show – AMA (Ask Me Anything) Edition

What are Kevin’s biggest regrets in life?
  • He used to a very angry person
  • “There is absolutely nothing you can do to change the past”
  • The past makes you who you are today
How does Kevin deal with fear and making big life changes?
  • “There will always be fear associated with any major life change”
  • Trust your gut feeling
  • When you feel passion and excitement about something you’re about to go after, the fear tends to dissipate
    • The alternative is being stuck in a situation you wouldn’t be as happy in
  • “Have fun, live life, and try new things”
  • “Trust your instincts, roll the dice, and have fun”
What supplements/vitamins does Kevin take on a daily basis?
What advice would Kevin give to somebody interested in doing a lot of things, who has a hard time settling for one?
  • Join a startup or small company where you can wear multiple hats
  • Make sure you link up with someone you can learn from at work – find a mentor
  • Don’t be afraid of taking an internship, even later in life
Advice for successful long term relationships
  • Don’t be afraid to go to therapy with your spouse or partner
  • We tend to think going to therapy will signify us as weak
    • This really stems from a lack of understanding – “How can learning something new be a weak thing”
    • Therapy gives you the skills to be able to identify and work through the difficult problems in relationships
  • Re-frame your battles
    • It’s not me vs. you
    • Two people in a relationship are on the same team
    • You both want the same thing – to be happy together and have a positive relationship
  • Find someone who is open to exploring therapy, and working on improving themselves
What are some key things one can do to improve their health?
  • Start using the sauna
  • Cut out all refined sugar and carbs
    • It’s okay to eat sugar sometimes – Kevin just tries to make sure it’s good quality (so desert at a nice restaurant vs. a cheap birthday cake from Costco)
How do you balance optimizing for longevity and the desire for overall life enjoyment?
  • Have scheduled cheat meals
  • Eat higher quality cheat meals (a pizza at a nice restaurant. vs fast food pizza)
  • Moderation is key
Dr. Valter Longo vs. Dr. Peter Attia
  • Check out our Podcast Notes from Dr. Longo on The Rich Roll Podcast and our Podcast Notes from Dr. Peter Attia on Joe Rogan
  • They have similar advice
    • Eat whole foods, don’t eat refined sugar and carbs
How does Kevin handle haters?
  • “Anytime you put yourself out there, and create something new, you open yourself up to criticism and negative comments”
  • Our natural instinct is to fight right back, and that doesn’t work – it’s just anger fighting anger
  • Most of the time, people acting out with anger are doing it as a response to something or someone else that made them angry
    • “Anger is a way that energy is transferred from one person to another”
    • Anger always comes from a place of negative emotions
    • Realize that the person pronouncing their anger is suffering – have compassion for them
  • “So many people think that power is anger, but really that’s the easiest thing to do. The most powerful thing to do is the hardest thing to do, which is letting that negative energy go, and having compassion and empathy for someone”
  • Re-frame negative energy, instead of internalizing it
  • Good entrepreneurs:
    • Don’t rush hiring, they take their time to make sure they have the best possible candidate
    • Fire quickly if a person isn’t working out
    • Aren’t afraid to try things
  • How do they vet good ideas?
    • It’s harder to resist building/creating something, than it is to actually create it
Rapid Fire Questions
  • When will Tim Ferriss and Kevin do another random show?
    • Very soon, it’s already recorded
    • Check out our Podcast Notes from the last random show
  • How do you stop the monkey mind from popping up during mediation?
    • It takes time
    • Stop trying to prevent the monkey mind from popping up, notice when it does, and bring your attention back to focus
    • Each time you bring your mind back to focus, it exercises and strengthens the act of doing so
  • Providing perks for your employees on a budget
    • Check out the book It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work by Jason Fried
    • The best benefits are time, attention, and privacy – they don’t cost anything but they mean everything to employees
      • Give employees the time they need, privately, to do what they need to do at work
      • Free laundry and free massages aren’t really benefits to employees if they’re stuck at work
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